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Saturday, 18 March 2017

What's In My Bag: Travel Essentials

If you weren't aware, I'm off to Disneyland Paris in a couple of weeks! I also tend to take a lot of day trips with my Boyfriend, so what I put in my bag is extremely important. Especially for somewhere like Disneyland Paris, there is simply nothing worse than trekking to and from your hotel, ours is one of the ones that is about a 20 minute walk away, so it would take a big chunk out of our day should we forget anything. We are also travelling by Eurostar, so we need lots to keep us occupied, as well as snacks of course!

I've compiled a cheeky list of my travel essentials, so I've got a check list of what I need to take, and of course, some suggestions for you as well!

To start with, I always have a pouch of some form. This one is from Alphabet Bags and I must say I have at least 3 pouches in 3 different sizes and also a Wash Bag of theirs. It is safe to say that I love their products, which I very much do. I find uses for all of the sizes I have. I will be taking two to Disneyland, my largest one will fit pens, a notebook, my bullet journal and all of our documents that we need to take with us, and then this small Diamond one which will fit pretty much all of the below in it.

I will be taking hand sanitiser, as you never know what the queues will be like or say you get some ice cream on your hands, you don't want them sticky! So I will have a good selection of hand sanitiser with me. I will also take hand cream and this one from Trifle Cosmetics smells like Buttercream (good enough to eat!). I don't know about anyone else but depending on the weather, my skin can get so dry, so it's not too much to pack this in my bag. Of course, dry shampoo and hair ties like the invisibobble are very important and for the obvious reasons too! I cannot leave the house without any form of lip balm, I don't go overboard with it, but when I need lip balm, I really need it. I love the EOS ones, plus they last like forever, so I can't really go wrong. I do also make sure I have some form of tissues/wet wipes, you honestly never know when you may need it on a day trip.

These amazing PNY* Accessories will be coming with me on my travels all the time now! I am loving having these Portable Chargers, and the extra long iPhone cable too. Plus, these are Rose Gold which is pretty much my life now. The two Portable Chargers are very similar but they have one major difference, the larger one holds 3 full charges and the smaller 1 holds 1 full charge. I think this helps when choosing which one to take, if I know I'm going to be on my phone a lot or I am out for a really long period of the day, most likely the case for my entire Disneyland trip, then I will take the larger Portable Charger. Whereas if I know my phone battery will last most of the day and I only want it as back up then I will take the smaller one. The quality of these products is amazing, they live up to all my expectations and even exceed them. As I know often the case some portable chargers can be bad quality, these have worked wonders over the past few weeks and I have no doubt they will continue to help when I need to charge my phone!

So, to summarise, here are my travel essentials (plus a few extras):
  • Portable Charger
  • USB Phone Cable
  • Phone Charger (and Adaptors if needed)
  • Headphones
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Hair Ties
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Mints/Gum
  • Paracetamol/Ibuprofen
  • Travel Documents and Passport!
What are your must haves when travelling?

*These products were kindly gifted by PNY, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Geekiest Haul Ever.

At the beginning of this week, Phil & I took our monthly trip to Southampton to go shopping. Plus we needed some new things for Disneyland Paris next month (or I did anyway), I ended up buying some pretty cool Disney clothes from Primark, some Comic Books (woah did not see that one coming) and some collectible figures. I simply had to share my good finds!

First stop was Lush, controversial opinion but I was not impressed this time. I honestly could not find anything that took my fancy, there is normally a lot of new things but since they are yet to release their Easter range there wasn't very much there, so I was disappointed on this visit. Instead we bought Phil some Dirty Springwash shower gel which has now become a favourite of his and we got him a small bottle to take to Disneyland with us.

Second stop was Forbidden Planet, twice, the first time I went in, I picked up a Beauty and the Beast Mystery Mini and I was so proud of myself to only pick up one! They are the cheapest I have found in Forbidden Planet and I could easily have gone for two, but you know, money and all. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I got Mrs. Potts which I was over the moon with! I also picked up a Disney Mystery Keyring, I went for the range that had the Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie. I got Cinderella and I was so happy about this! 

I then wandered off to Primark to let Phil have a proper look, but I was done before he was, not something I saw coming that's for sure. So I went back in while he finished looking, and to my surprise I found a Riverdale comic. I had never ruled out getting a comic completely but I didn't expect to find this. The first Riverdale comic is a one off and apparently once they are gone, that's it. Ok, sold. Turns out there is a Graphic Novel too. At this point, I was sold on that too. So here I am, having bought my first Comic and Graphic Novel. About Riverdale. Best thing ever.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for, Primark Disney clothes! I am sure that you have seen all the Beauty and the Beast Primark Clothing floating around. I was desperate for the PJs and Socks. It was pretty much the only thing I wanted but much to my disappointment and not at all surprising, it had completely sold out in Southampton. I am totally ok with that (I'm not), I wanted new PJs as I have just had a clear out, so I went for these Princess Brunch ones. I like how simple they are and that they are very plain, unlike the Mickey and Minnie ones I found! It didn't actually have a matching top, so I just got a plain pink one from the T-shirt range. 

Instead of Beauty and the Beast socks, I found Toy Story ones. We are staying in the Hotel Cheyenne which is the Toy Story themed hotel, plus we are looking forward to the Buzz Lightyear ride, so it was a no brainer. 

I was then dead set on getting a Disney top to wear during the day, I honestly did not have any idea what I wanted to get, I just knew they did some. I picked up this classic Mickey Mouse one. I knew I would get tempted in Disneyland and they would not be so kind to my back account, so if I already have one then hopefully I can avoid the massive costs! 

On a not so Disney note, I also picked up this seriously cute long sleeve purple Peplum Top, I loved it as soon as I saw it! I also got a grey sweatshirt as it will probably get really cold in the evenings watching fireworks and we do not have time for that! 

I also picked up these hair ties. I am obsessed with these and I tend to grab some every time I got in Primark as they are so cheap. I find that they are not nearly as harsh on my hair as regular hair ties, and they don't snap every time I use them. Lastly, I found this cute Cinderella Tote Bag, again I really wanted the Belle one, but I love how this one has two different sides to it!

Have you found any good shopping finds recently?

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Sticker Haul!

If you follow me on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ya know in case you were wondering #shamelessplug), you will probably know I am Sticker obsessed! I mean it, I have so many now that I have to have them in a folder but I am potentially looking at changing up this storage! If you didn't realise, I use these stickers in my Bullet Journal to decorate and highlight plans. The reason I use stickers is because I am not very creative. You may think it is lazy but I love putting them on the page, as not only is my Bullet Journal a diary, it is also a keepsake that I will keep for years to come. I love how clean stickers look on the page compared to my odd doodles!

From Bits of Stationery I got the Social Sticker Sheet which can be seen above and the name label you can see below. I do not have any stickers like these Social Stickers whatsoever! I would have to put parts of stickers together or draw them out myself, which as I mentioned doesn't always go to plan! I thought I would see how I get on and obviously reorder should I need to. I particularly love the Date Day sticker and also the Coffee Date, both of which Phil and I do regularly so it will be nice to show this in my Bullet Journal. I had been lusting after the personalised foil sticker for a long time and I finally got it when Bits of Stationery was last open. It has pride of place in the front of my Journal and I must say it looks so good. I also want to quickly mention how cute the sample sticker sheet is! It is personalised and comes with stickers I will use, I have so many sample sheets from my orders now that I am trying to use them all up before I order more next month.

My most recent purchases from Ickle & Co are the ones above. The minute I saw the Beauty and the Beast stickers, they went in my basket on Etsy, I am completely in love, I have already booked the cinema tickets for next Friday which means I have some space in my journal to use these stickers! I also got the Finding Dory Tsum Tsum stickers as it was the last sheet at 60p, bargain or what?! I then grabbed the flags as I have recently started using these and I like how it works in my Bullet Journal. The little sheet in the corner is the sample sheet I received and I believe this is the one for the whole of March, it is Easter themed which is super cute and I would never have thought to put the Spring Forward sticker in but I definitely will now!

These last two pictures show the stickers from two other purchases I made from Ickle & Co. They include some regular purchases such as the Inside Out Tsum Tsum characters and the checklist flags. I use both of these on a regular basis, with the checklist every day when I can! I then also got some more of the glitter stickers she does, such as the coffee cups and the laptops. I use the Laptop stickers every time that I blog, so I know how often (or little...) I do blog. And I am yet to use the coffee cups but I thought it was cute for when I got out for coffee with friends! I cannot justify the Frozen Tsum Tsum stickers, but just look at how cute they are!? And lastly, I got the old style Movie Sign Stickers, there are lots of movies Phil & I want to see this year so I thought it would be a nice way to document that in my Bullet Journal, the stickers are much bigger than I thought though! This little cutie in the bottom corner is the sample sheet for Ickle & Co (was The Ickle Blogger) for February I believe! I have just dug this out again and I will definitely be using them as I love the colours on the sheet.

I came across these Pokemon stickers from Sticker Sunshine in the "Etsy recommends" part of Etsy, I can't say I have ever used them but eventually I may do a Pokemon themed spread so that I can actually use them!

My favourite Etsy Shops:
Ickle & Co - As you can see from the stickers above, I am a bit obsessed, they meet my every need and I love her glitter functional and decorative stickers, which are mostly the ones I own!
Bits of Stationery - This lovely girl has incredible foil stickers, like the Rose Gold name sticker I had wanted for ages. You will have to turn notifications on as she gets so many orders she can only open for a short while at a time. I was lucky enough to get some last time!
Dook Plook Designs - I have several sticker sheets from Dook Plook Designs and I have a couple saved on Etsy, in particular a birthday themed sheet!, that I plan to buy before the end of the month. If you want bright stickers that will stand out, this is your go to!
Panda Planning - I cannot recommend on the quality of Panda Planning as I am yet to place an order, but I do love her stickers, she has rose gold ones! Again, I have several saved and while I think these are affordable, I can't quite justify more this month, however they are 100% on my list next month!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017.

Oh my, just call me the worst blogger ever. I really want to make March about blogging and studying, two things that make me oh so very happy. But so much has happened in the past month that I just had to fill you in! So here goes:

I went for a run. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is a big deal. I am so self conscious of going outside to exercise and go for a run, but I thought hey, let's do it, I've lost a few pounds already, why not mix up your exercises and go for a run? Do you know what? It was great, I felt amazing, I felt like I had accomplished something and I didn't lose a huge amount of time compared to when I was running last year, so let's do this.

A big one for me is that I submitted my first assignment! You can catch my February study update here, which will tell you all about what I've been studying with Open University. I submitted my first assignment last week, it was a good one to get started with and has the lowest weighting of the assignments over the next few months but I am still dreading the results! Even if I have scored lower than I had hoped, I will be taking on board the feedback and making sure I ace the next one! Fingers crossed!

Phil and I went to see Worst Wedding Ever at Salisbury Playhouse in the middle of February. It was such a good play and is something that we would love to do together more often. Worst Wedding Ever was hilarious and had us laughing from start to finish!

You may, or may not, have noticed I have a lovely new banner! With the gold and pink and glitter, it kinda just screams me, that and the fact it literally says Adele Louise Smith. I am completely in love with it, Jemma from Dorkface designed it and she did an amazing job! Plus she put up with me asking for all the little details, so for that she deserves a medal...!

Last but not least..I'm going to Disneyland Paris in less than 5 weeks! Phil and I decided we wanted to do something over my birthday week and Disneyland was on this list. We found a pretty good deal for 4 nights and 5 days in the park so we just went for it! I am beyond excited, so stay tuned for updates on the planning before we go!

Ok so not a huge amount happened, however I managed where I work pretty much by myself for a fair amount of the month, and I would say this is a success in itself! I'm still here and still going and I'm blogging!

I'm going to do a little round up of what I'm hoping to achieve in March, so stay tuned!

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Worst Wedding Ever at Salisbury Playhouse

Last week, Phil and myself were invited to see Worst Wedding Ever* at Salisbury Playhouse. It was an evening we had free so of course I instantly said yes!

The play was all about Rachel and Scott having big plans to do what every couple wants to do, have the house, the jobs and of course that big wedding. However, as we all know, life is not quite like that, and they just did not have the funds to have the all romantic and big wedding. Rachel's Mother steps in and takes charge to make sure Rachel has that wedding she wants. The brilliant plan is to have the family all come together and do their bit to put on the wedding. Hopefully the day would pass without a their dreams!

[Press Photo] I am secretly in love with this dress!

The story line was great, something that everyone can relate to. I personally haven't planned a wedding, however the family aspects I definitely could! It was real, possibly one of the most real plays I have seen, they had written it exactly how family works. Yes, they all love each other and want to make the day special for Rachel, but every family has disagreements and arguments, so it was relatable for all audience ages. 

[Press Photo]

This play is laugh out loud funny, as many of the reviews agree, it was hilarious. It had a simple set but that's what made it brilliant. It was largely based in the back garden of the family home, and they had a live band throughout which truly made it for me, playing some absolute classics had Phil and I singing along. The costumes for the actors and actresses were also a perfect fit, it really helped to get to know the cast that way.

[Press Photo]

On a side note, Phil and I have now been to see Aladdin and Worst Wedding Ever at the Playhouse and we have had amazing times both nights, we have even said that this is something we should do more often, it's such a different date night and to go and see something we would both enjoy is such great fun.

Worst Wedding Ever is on at Salisbury Playhouse until the 25th February, and I highly recommend going to this hilarious production!

*I kindly received press tickets for myself and a guest to see Worst Wedding Ever

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

February: Study Update

It is official, I have been studying for about a month now and I have been really enjoying it so far. I want to share Study Updates with you all, most likely on a monthly basis, so I can tell you all about how it is going and what it is like to study part time while having a full time job!

  • Time - this is one that I am struggling with the most. I have to use my time wisely and I can be so tired after work that I can't concentrate on studying which is mega frustrating. So on my days off or the odd evening that I do actually feel more awake I have to get on with studying instead of blogging or Netflix.
  • Getting Back Into It - obviously I studied at school but that was going on 6 years ago. I also did a couple of years at uni but it was the wrong time for me. So I have really had to make an effort to crack down and study as I am ultimately doing this for my future.
  • Courage - at uni I was terrified of going to lectures and tutorials but this time I have had to get up the courage to do the tutorials. Granted they are online and only 2 hours once every other week but it was still quite scary doing my first one.
  • First Assignment - it is such an odd feeling doing an assignment but it also isn't how it was when I was studying before, I can take it at my own pace but obviously have it in by the deadline. I am still yet to write it so I am a little nervous and it will take some getting use to but it will be such a relief when I have completed the first one.
  • Rewarding - I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing this course and I am definitely feeling the benefits from it. I am learning something new everyday and I can use it in my job and day to day life which is so rewarding.
  • Productivity - I am finding myself being much more motivated and productive. I know I said time was a challenge, and it most certainly is, but the time I have got, I am using wisely and being so productive in the allocated time frame. Not only with studying but organising, bullet journalling and blogging...or at least attempting to!
I am truly enjoying learning again and for anyone debating it, I highly recommend it. I think the challenges I am currently facing can be overcome with practice and finding something that works for me.

I am so excited to see what the future holds!

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