Saturday, 31 May 2014


Naturally, it’s hard to stay motivated every second of every day and this journey is a complete rollercoaster. Over the past few weeks I’ve had so many people behind me telling me that what I’m doing is amazing, that in itself is such motivation to keep going.

Everyday, or near enough, I give myself a list of things to do, no matter how big or small they are, but also weekly goals to aim for so I always have a little goal to work towards and not just the big goal which can sometimes seem so far away.

I’m always so hard on myself, criticising everything I do and always feeling like that’s not good enough when in truth it actually is, if not better! So one thing I really need to start doing is praise myself a bit more.

I’ve actually done a lot of researching recently, looking at other people’s blogs and then finding links to other pages, which turn out to be really useful. This is particularly inspiring, as you can see I haven’t posted for a week or so and I almost felt like giving up, but I’ve had a bit of inspiration and finally got round to posting some recipes I’ve tried recently.

Obviously everything can’t always go to plan the way that you want it to, so it’s always best to have a back up plan when these things go wrong. It’s also not a bad thing to ask for help! I always give someone a heads up to tell me what to eat when we go out so that I don’t get the unhealthiest option on the menu and then I can still enjoy going out for lunch or dinner!

Even though I’ve said that breaking down your goals is a good way to stay focused, you also need to remember the main goal that you’re working towards in the long run.

One thing that is keeping me going right now is that I lost 2 lbs this week, I have a holiday to look good for at the end of July, and all the summer parties to look forward to.

Here’s some beautiful pictures of me working out to show that you can do it too!


That's a 15kg bag not 3kg!! My personal trainer wouldn't be that easy on me!

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