Monday, 2 June 2014

An Active Weekend in Centerparcs

So last weekend my family and I took a trip to centerparcs in Longleat. It was definitely one of the most active weekends I’ve ever had. We just so happened to have a villa that was in the furthest corner the village meaning it was trek to get anywhere! On the first day we already had to walk the length of the village from the car park to the Indian restaurant! I’d already had a pt session first thing that morning so I was already exhausted. I did treat myself with a couple glasses of wine and managed to eat quite a bit for dinner but I did resist the naan bread and poppadoms. However I did feel a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone when we were walking back.

On the second day we went to collect our bikes and cycled the length of the village at least 3 times!! I have the nicest massage and a tuna sandwich for lunch. We had a very competitive game of badminton and I was completely exhausted after but felt so good. Then went for a swim to cool off, anyone whose been to centerparcs will know that there are rapids which are so much fun but I came out with loads of bruises after. I had a couple of drinks again and decided to have a healthy steak for dinner.




Obviously after 2 days of non stop exercise I needed a bit of a lie in, so a late start on the Sunday that went very similar to Saturday except we also played table tennis and went on a pedalo around the lake which was so much fun. For dinner I had a prawn caesar salad but without the dressing which was absolutely amazing. We then play bowling, obviously not the most athletic game, but I won!!


Nailed it!


By the Monday when we were going home, I was aching like crazy (and for several days after!). I burnt way more calories than I ate or so it felt anyway. I ended up with a ridiculous amount of bruises and it took several days for me to recover however there was no stopping me and I carried on working out through the pain and it certainly paid off.

For anyone who wants a weekend away and loves being active then you should really consider centerparcs. I’m completely biased anyway as my family and I completely love it there but there’s so much to do and its so much fun!



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