Monday, 9 June 2014

Cheap Clean Eating

As far as I'm aware, a lot of my readers are students or now graduates and obviously we aren't the richest of people! therefore, this ones for you...some ways to reduce your food bill and still eat clean.

It has been found that it is definitely more expensive to eat healthily and junk food is considerately cheaper. If you don't mind going for products that isn't the highest quality then you should go for the everyday value or basic products. I've always bought these where i can but I have definitely seen an improvement in the quality of these products and they aren't as bad as you think.


Obviously you wouldn't go out and buy all organic products as this would instantly double your food bill, even if you go for own brands and not as low as value products then you will still be reducing your food bill to a more affordable price.


When you are planning your meals to ensure that you eat a clean diet you don't need to have meat with every meal which will bring down the cost of your meals. Some good alternatives that are just as appetising are vegetable stir fry (easy on the sauce!) and obviously salads.


If you can't live without meat then just find different cuts that are cheaper or go to a local butcher who will know which are the cheaper ones and can give you advice on how to cook them properly as well.


Also take a trip to your local market to pick up some bargains there, you can typically get large bowls of fruit and vegetables for only a pound or two. It may not last as long as those that you buy from the supermarkets but if you are going to eat it all or most of it then you are definitely getting your moneys worth.


Often if you buy in bulk you would get more for your money so if you cook in bulk as well then you have those clean meals already made in the freezer. If you have a family then obviously this would be a bit more difficult as you will need to make a lot more food to put some aside in the freezer so it would be much easier to just make it as and when you need the meals.


Finding a cheaper supermarket to the one you already shop in is also an option. If you use, select the supermarket you wish to order from and fill up your basket then you can see which supermarket is cheapest and you could end up saving loads of money. Also if you order from Tesco or Asda then you can get your food delivered for as cheap as £1. By ordering your shopping online you won't be tempted by the junk food you may normally go for and only get 'clean' food.


Buying food is undeniably a high expense but unfortunately we can't live without it so if you can do little things to reduce your food bill then hopefully in the long term you will see the difference both financially and in yourself.

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