Monday, 9 June 2014

Clean Eating

Clean eating has become a very popular thing now. It is for everyone as well, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or anything else, it is still possible to eat clean. some bonuses to clean eating are clearer skin, having more energy and having deeper sleep. It also obviously helps to lose weight.

A couple of rules of clean eating are:

  • Eat whole, natural foods so no white rice or white flour. Choose root vegetables roasted as an alternative.

  • Avoid processed foods and refined sugar which basically means no junk food!

  • Eat more regularly and cook it yourself then you know what's going into it. Have smaller meals more regularly so that you stay fuller for longer and pre-make meals and our them in the freezer.

  • Always eat a balanced diet!


Here are some easy swaps to make that you won't even notice:

  • Swap sandwiches for wraps

  • White rice sushi for brown rice sushi

  • Milk chocolate for dark chocolate

  • Shop bought jars for homemade pasta sauce

  • Granulated sugar for cinnamon

  • Condiments for lemon juice and vinegar

  • Dried fruit for bananas

  • Salad dressings for olive oil

  • Fruit smoothies for green juice

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