Friday, 1 August 2014

Athens - part 1

Now where to start? At the beginning of course. At the time of writing this it was actually only 5 hours after we left the house (at a ridiculous 4am). Luckily we made it through security relatively quickly so by 6 am my parents and I were drinking strong vodka and orange juices (thanks dad!) in the BA club lounge. Possibly one of the strangest experiences of my life! But hey, it's never too early to start drinking so on the plane we washed down our breakfast with mini bottles of champagne, and yes I am certain that regardless of which class you fly in,  the food will always be awful! I enjoyed the fruit though...all 5 pieces of it.


So we arrived at the hotel and headed straight to the rooftop pool which had the most amazing views and had "frozen" cocktails, which in 32 degree heat melted straight away and were more like normal cocktails.



So it would seem I am going to live off of Greek salads for the whole week which is absolutely fine by me. For the first time in a few years, I wore shorts to dinner and I must say I felt pretty great and comfortable in what I was wearing, it was a miracle! And the views from the rooftop looked even more incredible at night, all lit up!



The Acropolis.


While I am here, I am planning to write out a meal plan and a shopping list, and also a gym regime to stick to as I finally feel like I am ready to get back to it and I have the motivation I had lost.

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