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Athens - part 2

So we made it to day 3 of our holiday in Athens and I have gotten the biggest blisters all over the balls of my feet from when we attempted (and failed) to find some nice places to eat.


In the end, that night, we went to a restaurant called Dionysos which had the most incredible views of the Acropolis, which lit up when it was dark. It really is a must see if you ever visit Athens. 

Anyway, for dinner we had the most amazing food (and if you've already seen it all on my Instagram then you get to see it all over again now!). To start we had bread (this seems to be the case in all restaurants) and then calamari and courgette fries, so yummy! I said before I came on holiday that I would try food I hadn't had before, and that starter was it, I probably wouldn't choose to get it again but I did enjoy in nonetheless. They weren't greasy at all which was a huge relief. For the main I had American ribeye steak,  cooked medium rare of course, my mum had chicken and my dad had pork belly. It was so beautifully presented that I had to take pictures of it all.

Unfortunately, we were all tempted by dessert, while my brother and I went for the chocolate ice cream, my sister had an incredible lemon meringue pie and my parents had crepes suzette with ice cream and an orange syrup, not my cup of tea personally but they loved it.


Don't we look cute!

Chicken with bulgar wheat and a light sauce

American ribeye steak with a light sauce, asparagus, and potatoes

Pork belly with mashed potatoes

Our view of the Acropolis at night!

Lemon meringue pie

The next day we headed out to the national archeological museum which was actually fascinating, with amazing statues and sculptures and all kinds of old bits they had found.

The national archeological museum

Look at them trying to be all interested!

They had a tortoise there!!

Then on the Saturday evening we did "Athens by night" and went round on a coach for a few hours to see all the sights of Athens. We then went to a Tavern and saw a folklore show. Without a doubt one of the funniest nights I've had. The food we ate was pretty average, starting with Greek dips, bread, salad and some pasta. Followed by chicken in a light sauce with potatoes and spicy vegetables, which after a few glasses of wine and being starving, it tasted pretty great (you know that kind of drunk where you get the munchies, yeah I was at that stage). We finished with a scoop of ice cream and some more folklore singing and dancing!!

The very first Olympic Stadium.

He ruined a great selfie

The Greek parliament

Mum and hope got up for Greek dancing!

This tastes way better than it looks

After a somewhat eventful night I completely overslept and woke up 5 minutes after breakfast ended, oops! Even so, we ventured off to venture through the streets of Athens (with my poor blistered feet) and headed to the flea market which was unbelievably busy. I refrained from getting something to eat from the many bakery's we passed along the way, and instead had my first frozen yoghurt (or Iin Greek, frogen yüz)! After going round the flea market and picking up some treats, we went to get some lunch which was an utter disaster (and obviously this is my opinion, so please don't take offence). My mum and I tried something different and got chicken gyros...I honestly have no idea what was on my plate but it didn't taste like chicken I'm used to! So we left basically the whole meal!!

Chocolate frozen yoghurt with lots of fruit! My first ever one :)

The disaster...

I found a blog post that had happened to come up the day we got here on bloglovin' about Athens, conincidence or what, however on there they recommended a restaurant named Strofi, my dad saw it had some good reviews so we booked a table there for the Sunday evening. It was a stunning restaurant, 3 floors, and an even better view of the Acropolis (yes, it's one of my favourite places now if you hadn't guessed). So we sat on the rooftop taverna and enjoyed dinner with a view (again). That night I had some feta and bread to start (I'm awful I know) and then I had grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and "potatoes of the oven", simple yet so nice and I'll definitely be making it for myself at home without the potatoes. I was feeling slightly unwell and some nutritious food was just what I needed! The rest of my family had slightly more traditional starters (although I know feta is Greek!), my dad ordered moussaka which everyone loved and my sister had grilled halloumi, tomato and pine nuts.

The view from Strofi


Halloumi with tomatoes and pine nuts

Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and "potatoes of the oven", lush!

And my mums pork stuffed with sundried tomatoes with the same sides

Today was finally the day we went to the Acropolis!! First we went to the museum which was utterly fascinating (no sarcasm here), the statues that they managed to recover and preserve were so amazing, it doesn't even seem real. We ate in the restaurant there instead of the cafe for a bit of a better meal and the kids of the family just had pasta bolognaise, but the food here is unbelievably salty!

We wandered round the rest of the museum and the museum shop then trekked up to the Acropolis, I wish I was exaggerating when I say it was a trek but I'm honestly not. It was the best part of 35 degrees today and I swear I almost fainted but I got to the water fountain in time. If you ever go, please take water as there was barely any shade along the way and no where near enough water foundations. Besides that, it was incredible and amazing and fascinating and beautiful, did I mention it was incredible? Honestly, I don't think I'll ever see anything so great again. And don't worry my dad, brother and sister walked ahead and got us some iced lemonade, the best drink I ever tasted after being so dehydrated that I drank my brothers too! (I'm a wimp I know). We are now all collapsed in the shade by the pool and we won't move for the next two days!

My beaut family


And now I'm enjoying this beauty

On a side note, I have written out my meal plan and gym workouts around work when I get back at the end of the week! Wish me luck!

Much love if you got through reading all of that.

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