Saturday, 9 August 2014

Athens - Part 3

The end of the holiday really revolved around where we were going to sit by the pool. It was quite an eventful few days doing all the sightseeing so we just wanted to relax. I definitely did anyway!

I spent the days doing some revision and writing (as per usual) as it just lets me get out what I need to, even if no one sees it.

We went back to the sky lounge restaurant that was on the rooftop of our hotel, but the highlight of that meal had to be the bread and olive tapenade...the salmon I had was overcooked and really dry, which was a shame.



We did go back to our favourite restaurants, Dionysos and Strofi, again. In Dionysos I had the chicken with bulgar and a bit of sauce and I had a cheeky chocolate soufflé too. I mean look at it!

Then in Strofi I had the exact same meal as last time! Although I did try Moussaka for the first time and it was spectacular there.

We couldn't leave without writing in their guest book


I actually continued writing on but I wrote it all before I even left the hotel to get on the plane and I was so pleased with the flight that I needed to come back and add it in. As you would have read in Athens part 1, I was convinced that all plane food was terrible and I would never have a good meal on a flight but boy was I so wrong. There were two options for our meal, either pork and potatoes or chicken tortellini, I don't eat pork so I went for the chicken option. I was convinced it would be horrible and I could just eat whatever came with it, but it was delicious (for plane food that is, I wasn't exactly thrilled by it). It came with a Greek salad and bread and my brother had the kids meal so I got to eat the fruit off of that, so really it was a pretty good meal!



I know it's really cringe and cliche but I really feel as if I've come quite far over the past week. I've realised where I've been going wrong and what I need to do to change this. Personally, that's quite an achievement as I would normally deny there was a problem whatsoever and just carry on. But as I return home, I have planned out realistically what I can and hopefully in 4 weeks I will have progress to show for it!


All your words of encouragement mean so much, so keep them coming! And I truly hope that whoever reads this is taking at least a little bit of good from it!

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