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Heading to the corner shop?

I can't take 100% credit for all of this as it was originally taken from an article I found in Glamour magazine but I'm going to add in a few ideas of my own. 


This is mainly aimed at the students and the new graduates among my friends but take what you will from it.


We are all guilty of heading to the shop around the corner to get a late night snack of chocolate, crisps or even super noodles. I'm going to write this to give you ideas of what to get as a healthy alternative that you won't feel guilty about I'm the morning. A feeling I know you have all had!


Do you want something quick? Something you can get together in a few minutes?

Go for eggs, you can make them in so many ways that all only take a few minutes to make. Even though it seems like hours when you're cooking them! Scrambled, fried, poached - all good, filling and healthy (except fried obviously) options, just go for wholemeal bread if you're going to have them with toast!



Do you need something filling? Something to keep you going for a while?

There are actually a few options for this, some tinned fish can be put with pretty much anything you want, maybe with pasta? Pulses were also suggested by the article, as a way to bulk up salads and soups to make them go a bit further. I'd also like to add in soups as well, every corner shop has a pretty good variety and they are pretty filling as well, especially if you add those pulses. 


Did you do a bit too much day drinking? Go to the pub at the end of the day and drank more than you should have?

DO NOT get that kebab or those 5 pieces of chicken and chips and all the sides that you are convincing yourself is a really good idea at the time. You will still wake up feeling just as bad or even worse if you eat it. Pick a bowl of cereal instead, it will probably sober you up quicker and you definitely won't wake up with that feeling that there is grease everywhere! And it's definitely more nutritional, so if you have the willpower to resist the please do! You will thank me in the morning :)


Do you just need a snack?

There are plenty of options to go for such as popcorn, fruit bread, crumpets, nuts or seeds. To be honest, there are plenty of things you can grab. If your local corner shop is a chain such as co-op or one stop, you can actually pick up some really good deals and find some great products.

First take this to see if you really are hungry.


The next bit I think I'll take straight from the article as it's pretty good.

So 3 healthy snacks that you might be surprised by:

Cheese strings - yes, they are typically a kids lunch box snack...but they're really high in calcium.

Peanut butter - this contains protein, fibre and B vitamins. Try it on some apple slices.

Beef jerky - personally I think it's an acquired taste, which I don't have! But it's relatively high in protein and low in fat, perfect or what?!

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