Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Plans

My past few blog posts have been pretty boring (in my opinion anyway) so I thought I would “spice” it up a bit instead of writing you essays all the time.


So by the end of the year there are some places I want to go or things to take part in. A miscellaneous list really…


1. Good food show. I’ve been twice with the school before but I always felt like I hadn’t done it properly. I had a look at who would be there this year and I saw that Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would be there, so I’m keen to go see one of their shows of them baking!


2. Go somewhere on my own. Just for a few days to explore on my own. I made a list of roughly 20 places I want to go and visit but I think I’ll start with Europe first and start saving my money for the places a bit further away.

I thought I'd start with Paris!


3. Head to the food markets in London. There are a fair few that I’ve found which I want to look at and wander around. I live so close and I just don’t take advantage of it enough.


4. Visit more friends at their Unis. I mean I get to see my friends and I get to visit a new city. Sorry Georgia, this does mean I’m coming to Nottingham too.


5. Make more of an effort to read newspapers and magazines. I’ve already started doing this but who can resist a magazine when they have such good free gifts?!

And lastly,

6. Shed some more weight. I lost roughly 3 lbs in a week or so, so now I’m going to keep going so I can lose more!

The first picture was me on holiday and the second only a few days ago. 


I figured, why should I wait till the new year to start, I should just start now!

What are your goals to accomplish by the end of the year?

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