Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I love Autumn because…

Now the summer has ended (boo) and we’re going into Autumn. This has to be one of the better seasons for me, even if it means going back to School or University. While I was planning this blog post I came up with a whole page of reasons I like Autumn.

To start with the air gets more crisp and fresh as the cold sets in, none of this hot and muggy nonsense we’ve been having in England.

The changing colours of the trees and the crunch of leaves under your shoes, how can you not love it? Dog walks in the autumn are definitely the best! And not forgetting when it gets darker a bit earlier in the evenings…

TV…need I say more. Allof my favourite TV programmes start again in the autumn, there’s just so much to watch and X Factor is basically the count down to Christmas right?

It also means it’s almost time for Thursday late night shopping too. Wandering aimlessly through shops as dusk settles and the shop lights light up the street. Walking through the markets is so much nicer than when it’s boiling hot and it’s something I’m going to make more of an effort to do.

Not forgetting the food (you knew it would come up at some point!).the hot soups, homemade stews, apples at Halloween, all kinds of pies, huge pots of chilli and yes, of course, a Sunday roast dinner! No more of all this salad business, but don’t worry I’ll be finding autumn alternatives and keep you posted!

I don’t normally treat myself to new clothes that often, I get a few staples and work around that. However recently I’ve felt the urge to look for a few new bits thi season. I’d love a chunky cardigan for when it gets colder and I need a new coat too. I can’t wait to get out my woolly chunky snoods, they are unbelievably warm and great for when you go on walks. And boots as well, always a must.

It also seems like the perfect excuse to have a bit of down time to myself. After summer being so hectic and just plain crazy, it’s time to have those cosy Sunday nights that don’t require much thought. Light up a nice smelling candle and do some writing or watch my favourite TV programmes and let everything else wait till Monday morning.

Fortunately, or unfortunately in some cases, I’m all into new starts. So, as September is in full swing, and we’re already a week in, it’s time to pack up the rest of my things and move back to Kingston ready to find a new job. I actually cannot believe it’s already a week into Septembers. It feels like only last week it was the beginning of the summer holidays.

Lastly, but by no means least and without a doubt the best bit, it means it is time to almost get ready for Christmas. And I LOVE Christmas, I mean really love it, but I will have to save that for another day or I will get too overexcited and it’s only September after all.

So for now, I will live in the moment and enjoy Autumn while it is here!

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