Friday, 5 September 2014

Life: the ‘reality vs. expectations’

Since I was about 15 or 16 I have had expectations of how my life would pan out, at the time I called it my 10 year plan. I always thought I would have graduated university by now, in some kind of accounting job and living in London. In 5 years time (by the time I’m 26) I wanted to have a husband and my first child.

I know, it’s completely crazy. I do realise now that these expectations are far from my reality. For a start I’m still in uni and I know that I don’t want a job in accounting. Of course, I would love to live in central London but with the rent prices crazy high and way out of my budget, it’s a good job I’m happy in Kingston!

When it comes to a husband and children, I’ve previously said that this is something that I will let happen on it’s own. I can’t expect something so big to happen when I’m not sure what the future holds yet!

Something that I’m learning more and more everyday is that I cannot look far into the future and expect so much to happen. So I am seeing the reality of certain things, and I am living in the present and focusing on what is important right now.

Sure you may think this is ridiculous but for me it is right and the way that I manage to keep myself motivated and keep going. Don’t get me wrong I am planning lots of adventures over the next few months and I finally get to start my travelling adventure! I also get to cross quite a few things off of my bucket list.

For me, this is how I’ve decided to live my life for the meantime, I get to do things that I really want to do and I’ve planned a few more things that I want to do should I get back into university (that’s a whole other story). Now that I’ve really found my creative side I want to take full advantage of it and use it to its full potential! I mean why not? I’ve finally found something that I really enjoy that I can do everyday for fun!

My point is, that at 21 I have realised that my expectations do not always fit into reality, which is absolutely fine by me! Life wouldn’t be any fun if we knew how it was going to end, right?

What are your expectations of life?

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