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Upbeat Review

Here’s some exciting news for you all, I got some goodies from the lovely people at Upbeat* on Saturday! A nice surprise in the middle of my two exams. They sent me some great things! 



Of course the idea was to try the product so they sent me some vouchers to try two of their drinks and then some money off vouchers, so I treated my housemates to a few for them to try as well! 



They also sent me a little information leaflet, an oyster card holder (handy as mine is breaking!), a pad of paper (I’m always writing notes down!), an adorable little USB stick, a canvas bag(to carry my upbeat drinks in!) and a little diagram where you turn it to say how active, your weight and it tells you how much protein you should have daily.



So I’ll get on with the review now! They do three flavours of the drink – strawberry, mango and passion fruit, and blueberry and raspberry. I only managed to get the last two; they didn’t have the strawberry one left :(



The thing that caught my eye first was the “fuel the gap” next to the logo. It is a high protein dairy drink, which you find the dairy aisle by the milk. All of the drinks are no more than 150 calories and they are low in fat, sound good yet? 99% of the drink is made from three ingredients, which are fresh whey protein, fruit puree, and fruit juice from concentrate. It is also suitable for vegetarians don’t you worry!

If you look at the nutrition information per bottle:


You can see that there is 20g of protein in just one little bottle, how great is that? There is 11.9g of carbohydrate of which sugars is 11.3g, in the information leaflet I received it says that they have half the sugar of most fruit juices and smoothies. Also from the nutrition information you can see that there is 130mg of calcium, which it says is 16% of your daily intake, again that’s pretty good too!

So the list of ingredients looks like this:

Whey protein concentrate (an extract of milk) blended with fruit puree, juice from concentrate and sweetener.

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate from milk (91%), blueberry puree (4%), raspberry puree (3%), raspberry juice from concentrate (1%), stabiliser (pectin), acidity regulator (lactic acid), natural flavourings, sweetener (sucralose).

As you can see they were right about the 99% of the ingredients and the rest are just to help balance out all the flavours and blend it all together, plus a bit of sweetener never goes a miss!

They are really big on the whole protein as part of your diet! It’s quite nice to see that because a lot of the time companies are all about lower sugar or reduced fat products and they don’t focus on all the requirements needed in a food product. So I’m amazed at how much is packed into only 250ml!


So here are some fun facts about protein that was in my information leaflet:

Did you know protein maintains muscles and supports strong bones, which helps keep you in great shape?

It’s a core nutrient that is essential to stay healthy and maintain your natural stamina.

Try aim for around 10-20g of protein as a snack and 20-30g with each main meal.

I tried both the flavours for breakfast on consecutive days. On the first day I had the mango and passion fruit drink before a long day in the library! It wasn’t to my taste at first, I haven’t always liked the taste of mango and it was a bit thicker than I had expected. You can really taste the mango with only a hint of passion fruit (a shame if you ask me). I think if I had a few more of this flavour then I would like it a lot more! It’s just me being my fussy self!

While I’m writing this I’m drinking the blueberry and raspberry drink and it is a whole other experience! I’m not overly keen on blueberries, I’d normally choose a different berry before choosing blueberries, but I think I’ve been swayed! This drink is also thick and creamy but it is quite a bit sweeter and the blend of blueberry and raspberry really works together. I LOVE it! I will definitely stock up my fridge at university with these in case I get an early morning start and need to grab something on the go!

5 reasons to grab an upbeat:

  1. Around a third of your daily protein needs in one bottle

  2. Helps keep you in great shape

  3. Healthy alternative to snacking

  4. Tastiest protein drink out there (but we’re a bit biased)

  5. Packed full of goodness on the go

I can hear you all screaming through the computer screen right now – “where do I go to buy upbeat?”

Well here is the answer! As I said before you find it in the dairy aisle of:

Tesco Extras and Superstores

Holland & Barrett


And online at:


I am certain that this is going to be a great product and they will be selling in more and more shops in the future, but you should all have a local shop from the list above to go and buy it from!

It is such a cute little bottle too! Handy to just grab from the fridge and chuck into your bag to have as a snack to pick you up or for breakfast to get you going for the day! I would really recommend trying a bottle or two!

*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.

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