Tuesday, 21 October 2014

And Breathe…

I’ve struggled quite a lot the past few weeks. I originally wanted to write a post about gaining confidence, and I will eventually, but whenever I sat down to write it, I just started feeling worse or would end up crying. Now that isn’t how I want to feel every time I sit down to write.

So I thought I would put that post on hold and do something a bit different! It’s been a tough few weeks that came as a huge shock. Not getting a student loan is absolutely horrible! And I honestly don’t know how people afford to live when they don’t earn thousands a month! Who knew there were so many bills to pay?

I am still trying to get my head around all of this and working out a lot of things but blogging has actually been my escape, I’ve written up a whole month of blog posts!

Only the other day did I manage to calm down, I was crying uncontrollably for no reason and I have no reason to worry about certain things because my family are so great and supportive. I snapped out of it, sat down, read through blogs that helped me think a little more positively. Then I did writing for my own blog.

It helps to take a step back sometimes, when things feel like they’re going wrong, just sit down with a cup of tea and take 5 minutes for you. It can make the world of difference and I think everyone should do it more often!

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