Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Job Interview Tips

This topic today is a follow up of my two previous blog posts on having a Job and What’s In My Bag for job interviews.

These are tips that I go by when I go for job interviews, and even though the interviewer obviously loves me anyway (JK), I feel that these tips really do work if you really want the job you’re going for. 

  • Be Yourself
I guess this is a bit of an obvious one, but don’t try to be someone you aren’t, the interviewer has probably done hundreds of these interviews and will be able to see right through it! They will love you a whole lot more if you just relax and be yourself.

  • Hide The Nerves
This is a harder one out of the lot, but if you can get past the nerves just a little bit, you will be able to give off a much better impression than if you are just a ball of nerves.

  • Be Honest
There’s no point telling the interviewer something that isn’t true. If you can convince them that you’ve had tons of experience then be my guest, but if you can’t back it up with some evidence then you’ll be making a bit of a fool of yourself in my opinion.

  • Act Confident
If you can get past those nerves, act confident, even if you aren’t! I’m a really negative person sometimes but once you get me talking, sometimes I can’t stop; it’s a strange thing. But I just act confident, even when I’m having an awful day and I have to go to work, I put on a brave face and act as confident as I can!

  • Don’t Be So Uptight
And breathe…! Just relax. There’s that whole saying about how the spider is more scared of you that you are of it. Now I’m not saying the interviewer is scared of you but they’re probably nervous too and they want to get the best possible interview from you so relax a little, it’s not so bad!

  • But Keep It Professional
Ok, so don’t relax too much, keep the banter there, laugh a bit but you aren’t having a chat with your best friend. You do need to keep some form of professionalism there or they definitely won’t hire you!

  • Give Them A Reason To Choose You

Don’t forget, you are great! They called you in to have an interview for a reason; they thought your application was good enough. So show them what you’ve got, you’ll have that job no doubt!


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