Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Weekend in the Countryside

To top of what started as the best week ever, ended with the best weekend at home. It started off with receiving my Graze boxes. Then driving home to Salisbury.

My Nan came over for her Friday afternoon visit, and then we went to Nandos for dinner. Again, standard Friday night dinner! It was delicious as always and nice to spend some time as a family.

Saturday has to be the most eventful day of the weekend. I went out for lunch to Fisherton Mill with my Mum, as it’s so great there. This time they had changed the menu entirely so it was time to try something new. I had marinated chicken and avocado salsa on an open sandwich. It isn’t my most favourite thing that I’ve had there but it was good to try something new. My mum had a smoked salmon and prawn open sandwich. Then we couldn’t resist but got dessert, I mean look at this meringue my mum had!

Back at home I relaxed for a bit with my dogs who I don’t get to see until I get home again on Christmas eve (I can’t begin to explain how much I’ll miss them). When my dad got home, I helped to unpack the shopping to make dinner, and then I got the phone call that made my entire week! At the beginning of the week I got one job, but being in a difficult financial place I had in the back of my mind that I needed to get another part time job as well. So I got the phone call that is going to help my career a huge amount!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that retail is the way that I want to go with my career, and this has given me the chance to be trained up through the company. I’ve never been so excited! And to make it even better, I’m jumping in at the deep end and starting Monday evening to help with Launch night. This means I get a good glimpse at the season ahead and ideas on my uniform! I’m unbelievably nervous with that bit of excitement as well.

That night we celebrated, a bit too hard, with sushi and so much wine. My sister was having a party so I joined in with them and ended up with small recollection of the night. Oops.

Needless to say I woke up with a horrible headache that I still have now! I tried to get rid of it with an amazing roast dinner but that didn’t seem to work, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It’s now going to be one of those relaxed Sunday evenings watching X factor before I go back to Kingston and start working!


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