Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Honestly I can’t believe it’s October already. It feels like last week I turned 21! This week is going great for me already, and I’m not exaggerating at all.

It’s probably not a surprise to a lot of people but I didn’t manage to get into the last year of my degree and sure I was completely gutted at first but now that I no longer have the constant stress and worry of studying and doing a dissertation, I’ve never felt so great. I don’t particularly regret going to University because I gained so many more skills, knowledge and experience that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t gone in the first place, and in some ways that is worth so much more than a degree.

This leads on to why this week has been so great!

At the beginning of this week I got the job that I really wanted, booked my tickets for the Good Food Show and I’ve got several reviews lined up that I know all of my readers will love. I'm also going home to see my family at the end of the week, it's been 3 weeks since i've been home and for me that's almost like forever and also because of my job it's likely i won't be home 

I’ve also been baking and cooking but I haven’t go round to writing up the recipes yet. I’ve got a very busy couple of weeks writing before I start my new job!

I love hearing from you guys so I would love to hear what you guys like reading the most so I can write more posts on those topics!

Don’t worry though, there will be so much more positivity throughout my blog from now on.


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