Monday, 13 October 2014

The Protein Drinks Co.

The company has a wide range of drinks with all kinds of health benefits. They have breakfast drinks, weight loss drinks, protein shakes, drinks with added muscle and many more.

My lovely selection*!


Their mission is to change the way that people eat on-the-go and help them to face each day with the strength needed to succeed and do more.

They share all the benefits of protein on their website to make sure that the customer fully understands it.

All of their little bottles are handy to take wherever you go. Whether you’re on the move, at work or even at the gym, you need to have your daily dose of protein so you keep your strength and energy levels up and repair the muscles you’ve been working on. That is why they created these drinks!

Their aim is to make it simple, convenient and delicious to fuel your body so that you can focus on the other needs in your life.

There is a section on the importance of all different nutrients but I don’t want to go into detail about that right now and I will post something on it in a couple of days.

They tell you all about how they produce their drinks, and in a nutshell – they start with milk, add all of the ingredients to make each individual drink with its different benefits and then they package it up for you to enjoy.

They even have a whole section on their website called “The Protein Kitchen” with ideas to pack protein into your dinner, definitely worth checking out!

From the lovely people at The Protein Drinks Co I received a whole range of their products. I received two of their breakfast drinks – B-Fast and UFIT Breakfast, UFIT in Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, USLIM, Collagen+ Beauty Milk and GoHealth – Balance and Joint Protection. 12 drinks in all flavours, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try them!


The first drink that I tried was UFIT Breakfast Drink in Smooth Chocolate Flavour, and oh my, it was delicious! Just like a chocolate milkshake but not as thick, I could definitely get used to drinking it everyday. The bottles for these breakfast drinks are very colourful so they definitely catch your eye and stand out on the supermarket shelves. On the bottle it says exactly what it has – rich in calcium, high in protein, vitamins + fibre, longlasting wholegrain energy and to keep hunger at bay 15g protein. There are 217 calories in the bottle, and for my breakfast I’m pretty happy with that! I checked out the prices and they are normally £2 in Tesco but are currently on offer at £1. Even if you only get a couple, it will be well worth it! I also got sent the Strawberry and Banana flavours, not to my personal taste but they were still really yummy!

To be honest with you, they all tasted the same but had their different properties which made them significantly different. I would happily have their breakfast drinks everyday! I don't have a favourite based on flavour, but I really liked the idea of GoHealth drinks so I will definitely go out to get some more of those!


What do you think of health drinks? Have you tried any of these?

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