Saturday, 18 October 2014

What’s In My Bag – Job Interviews

A few weeks ago I had a number of interviews that I wanted to be prepared for. So here is a new edition of what’s in my bag!

To start with I used my nicest bag, just in case they noticed but also because it gave me that extra bit of confidence.

I always think it’s important to take an extra CV in case they need an extra copy or even if you see another place advertising on your way to or from the interview.
I tend to take my diary most places so this is no exception but I find it useful at interviews in case you need to check dates with them or note something down while you’re there.

Then there are a few essentials like hand sanitizer, tissues, paracetamol and mints. Just a few things I like to always carry around because I’m super organised!
I also take my passport to interviews because it is my proof that I can work, and sometimes they ask for it at interviews.
I need to take my oyster card and iPod and headphones for the journey to interviews, otherwise it would be a bit boring!

And the last thing I tend to have in my bag is water (or some form of drink). I get quite nervous so I drink a fair bit before the interview so I don’t get dehydrated or a dry mouth.

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