Saturday, 15 November 2014

6 Months of Blogging

Oh Wow. I would never have thought that I had come this far in 6 months. I didn’t think that my blog would be anything like it is today! I have worked with several companies, different bloggers to improve my blog and at the end of last month I started writing for two other websites to gain a bit of experience in different kinds of writing.

Blogging has really opened up a whole new world to me, I have been able to do things that never would have happened if I hadn’t started blogging and I’ve shared a journey with people that I never thought I would do.

It sounds really cringe but I’m quite proud of myself, I have my own little space that I can do absolutely anything with! I am completely dedicated to this (as you can see) and a lot of the time that isn’t always the case. I mean there aren’t many things that I have managed to self motivate myself to keep it going and achieve something, but here I have! And it feels pretty damn great.

If I could list everything I wanted to do with my blog we’d probably be here until next year, so to avoid boring you to death, I’m going to share my top 3 that I hope to achieve in the next 6 months by which time it will be a whole year of blogging!
I want to seriously improve my photography skills (they are absolutely shocking right now)
I want to learn a bit more about designing so that I can change my blog to how I want it
Which leads on to…
I want to learn how to code and to some HTML, this seems pretty key with designing and even in basic writing

For me, this would really improve my blog and take it to the next level in the way that I want it to.


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