Sunday, 30 November 2014

End of 12 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 12!

So it’s the end of my 12 Day Blogger Challenge and it’s been really nice to write about topics that I don’t normally write about, like my favourite things and even makeup which I know nothing about!

Just by answering a few questions each day you already know more about me, but not only that, it’s given me a break from what I would typically write on here. I’ve had the time to think up new ideas and I certainly can’t wait for the New Year to bring some of these ideas to life!

This is more of a catch up. I started a proper diet again a few weeks ago. Less carbs, less bad fats and plenty more fruit and vegetables. Despite not losing huge amounts of weight, I feel better in myself and that counts for more right now because if I’m eating better now then it will make it a lot easier for me to cut out more bad food in January.

It’s the small steps that lead to big changes!


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