Saturday, 22 November 2014

Top 5: Makeup Essentials

Day 4: "Top 5"

I’m not a huge fan of makeup or keeping up with new brands or trends, that’s just not my area of expertise! But here are my top 5 makeup essentials.

I’ll be honest I don’t buy the most expensive brands, I’ve never had the best experience with them so I’m more than happy to be buying drugstore brands like MUA and Collection.


Foundation and Concealer:

Like I said, I get a lot of my makeup from MUA, this goes for my foundation. I completely love these, they don’t make my skin feel like it is under loads of weight. I also use a foundation brush to apply them to get an even coat!


I love my blusher! It’s from the brand NYC, and it’s great because it has 4 different colours so I can choose whichever takes my fancy.

Babylips Lip Balm:

I have 3 of these, although the bring pink one I have has been left in a bag and I’m yet to find it again! They’re so great, each is a different colour but my favourite has to be the purple as it has a slight shimmer to it.

Makeup Brushes:
I really need to clean these, so please excuse the state! I couldn’t apply makeup without them! I hate using my fingers when using makeup so I literally have a brush for everything!


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