Thursday, 29 January 2015

Desk Staples

I technically don't have a desk, more of a window sill and a drawer that I keep extra bits in that I don't use as much. So I'm imagining if I really had a desk (fyi it would be white with some drawers...!).

Weekly planner - so I can see what I'm doing that day or week
Notebook - a pretty one, typically A5 sized
Pen pot - with a whole load of pens of all colours, my writing needs to be pretty!
Ringbinder folder - also in a pretty design holding my editorial calendar and blogging goals
Jar of washi tape - I have so many that it seemed better to keep them all in a jar and it's much prettier that way
Scrapbook - I'd like to have room for my scrapbook so that I can look at it when I want and also add to it all the time

That's what I would have as my desk staples, if I had a desk obviously.

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