Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Come Dine With Me" Menu

"If you were on Come Dine With Me, What would your menu be?"
This is always a question that is in the back of my mind, and until now I haven't been able to decide what I would do.

Naturally I got a good few cookbooks for Christmas and as I was flicking through one I found a starter that would be perfect in my opinion.
A Duck salad would be great as it is complex with the cooking of the duck and light enough for a starter. This is a roasted duck and watermelon salad with toasted cashew nuts and the picture is literally mouthwatering! By the looks of it, this is an asian inspired dish and looking at the ingredients I can see why, there are all kinds of flavours involved. 
One thing that caught my eye was the dressing, it's definitely one I'd like to incorporate into other dishes.

I think this is the course that I struggled with deciding on the most. I thought fish would be most suitable but I really think I would go for chicken. 
The dish I have in mind is chargrilled chicken breasts on linguine with a chilli and garlic salsa puttanesca. What a mouthful! (see what I did there...)
I would most definitely make my own pasta to make this simple dish more impressive. These simple bunch of ingredients all come together to make such a delicious, comforting dish. If I had something like this put in front of me, I'd think it looked pretty good.
I'd perhaps make the pasta so it would have spinach in it, not only would it add a lot more colour to the plate - no on likes a plate of beige food - but it would also add flavour (slightly) and a whole lot of added nutrients.

Now I've known, deep down, what I would do for this for a while which is a melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding. I made these for the first time at Christmas, and if I do say so myself, they came out perfectly. It was the right balance between cake and chocolate sauce and it would obviously be served with ice cream. Some might say that this is too much for a dessert but if the first two courses are balanced right and everything is time correctly then, in my opinion, it would all go down a hit.

I wouldn't necessarily call this a winning menu but if I put this 3 course meal on the table to my best standard, then for me I would be happy and rather proud of myself.

I haven't given loads away about each of the meals, purely because I want to eventually make each of them to share with you all. 

What would you have as your Come Dine With Me menu?


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