Saturday, 31 January 2015

Filofax Organisation

For me this year (or in October to be exact), I managed to bag myself an absolute bargain of a new diary insert for my Filofax. It's the first year I didn't get a Filofax brand insert.

This one is by Paperchase and it came with the nicest dividers as well as note paper and address paper too. I think this was around the £8 mark so it was an absolute steal for me.

First of all I have my diary insert. I mainly use this to keep track of my work hours and any personal appointments. This way when I look back, I know what I did and when!

This is mainly of family! They've got to be kept somewhere and this seems the most fitting place.

This is quite an important section for me. It keeps all the little things I need to remember. I write down ideas, blog posts and all things important.

Planner Supplies:
This has a whole section of it's own. I have a pile of to-do list inserts in there to keep track of the million and one things I need to do. I also have the insert of page markers and post its. This isn't the original post its on here as I used them all up. So I kept the dashboard and put new markers to colour code my work days by when I'm getting paid so it's easier for me to work out. Then I use the post its to note down anything important about that week.

I like to be crazy organised and I like to be able to refer to what I've done recently. Some may think it's a bit much but if I don't then I feel a bit lost!

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