Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year Update #3

It's been a seriously long week, do you not think or is it just me?

It's been a much better week, I'm feeling tonnes better, (or I was till today), and I even bought a dress a size smaller than I thought I would and the other one I bought is a bit on the big side! Do you know how amazing that feels?

I've worked 6 days this week and looking back on it I can't even think of what to share! Typical!

It was my Mum and Sister's birthday yesterday, (yes my sister was born on my mums birthday), so I made them a cake (naturally) and I'm pretty proud of this!

I also made brownies to take into work, they were gone in a matter of minutes.

I finally have a bit more time off this week to get caught up on everything so I will hopefully have more to share with you!


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