Monday, 26 January 2015

Tips for Getting Organised

1. Get yourself a Diary, Notebook and a Pen
I definitely rely on all of these things. My diary normally keeps all of my personal things such as work times and little notes on what to do. Although occasionally I will write down a note on a blog post I want to do. I use the notebook to draft all of my blog posts before I type them up. There's something satisfying about putting a pen to paper.

2. A Ringbinder Folder with Dividers
I keep a folder with my blogging goals in and also an editorial calendar in. I use the editorial calendar to plan my blog posts so that I know what I need to do. I like having my blogging goals there so I can remind myself what I want to achieve this year.

3. Expandable Folders
I have 3 of these, each with a different purpose. One keeps all of my personal documents that I need to keep, one keeps old pictures, posters and odd little bits and the last keeps all my blogging inspiration, so I have articles on different topics and a silly amount of recipes.

4. A Weekly Planner
This is more for personal use, again including work hours, meal plans, shopping lists and mini to do lists. I don't use this as often as I should but I'm going to start!

This is what I consider the most important things I need to get organised, a lot you could do electronically if you prefer, by setting up several calendars each with different purposes. But I really like putting it down on paper.

How do you keep organised?


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