Wednesday, 11 February 2015

10 Favourite Pins on Pinterest

Right now I have 1.3k pins on Pinterest, I love it ok? There’s so much to learn and to find on there. It’s definitely my main source of inspiration.


salisburyThis is a beautiful picture of Salisbury Cathedral and the river Avon. This is one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2015 which makes me proud of my hometown!



There are no words. This is just so funny.

Everything’s Better with Tea and Cake

teacakeThis is a picture I would love to have hanging on my wall. BRB, going to buy it now.

Fruit Pie


For me this is such a colourful photo and can you imagine how good this will taste?

Zero Calorie Foods


This is my most popular pin with nearly 1000 re-pins. It’s a great graphic that you can learn lots from.

Planner Collage


Organisation makes me so happy and I don’t know where I would be without it. This collage is great inspiration for me.

Washi Tape Index Cards


I think these are so pretty! It’s a great way to take simple things and turn it into something much prettier!

Alice in Wonderland


Something else I would love on my wall. It’s so creative and turning old book pages and making a beautiful painting.

Baking Cupboard


I would do anything to have a baking cupboard like this. So many pastel colours!

Washi Tape Flags


This is something I’m going to be making to put in my scrapbooks to add little bits of colour.

Don’t forget you can find all of these on my Pinterest plus over 1000 more! Leave your Pinterest accounts because I’m always looking for new ones to follow.

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  1. For some time I've been thinking about making an account on Pinterest. Everything there is so pretty but I feel pressure for too much social medias. Maybe I'm wrong.
    "Everything's better with tea and cake" - so true! Love it! :)

  2. Pinterest is great, it's not like other social medias and this is more of one for me! You shouldn't worry about what other people say and do what you want :)


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