Tuesday, 24 February 2015

10 Ways To Improve Your Blog


I am always thinking of ways I want to improve my blog and although I love it just as it is, there are things I would do to improve it.

  • Change the blog design

  • Advertise on another blog

  • Add some more variety to blog posts (some more personal and some more recipes)

  • Re-write you “About Me’ page

  • Improve on photos

  • Learn some basic HTML

  • Learn a bit about SEO (I only know the very basics)

  • Find out more about your readers

  • Start up a newsletter

  • Reevaluate your blog layout

These are ways I would improve my own blog. How would you improve yours?

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  1. Mine is all about improving my photography, I've borrowed a DSLR to try out but it's quite intimidating!! Not sure about newsletters, it bothers me on blogs when pops appear saying sign here, when all you want to do is read their post! xx

  2. oh yeah I hate that! It's like I'd rather not thanks! xx


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