Monday, 9 February 2015

Adele’s Journey #1

Hello all you lovely people! I know it’s been a whole week since I last posted and I’ve been slightly MIA  (however you can follow me on twitter to keep up).


So I’ve recently gotten 3 exciting new things which I’ve been using to help with my fitness.



I got a Fitbit which my entire family now swear by, we all have one and now me and my sister have weekly competitions! If you are even considering getting one then you definitely should, I can’t recommend it enough. It definitely gets you motivated and keeps you active throughout the day.


I also now have Charlotte Crosby’s (the one from Geordie Shore) 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD. I absolutely love it. It’s so much better doing rounds of 3 minutes and you realise that you can do so much more than you think. I’ve loved doing it and I find it’s much better than going to the gym.


Lastly, I have a beautiful new Nike tshirt which I’ve been wearing for working out. It makes working out much better because I want to be able to wear it!


So that’s my week wrapped up. I’m back in the head space to be writing again so expect much more this week!



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