Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day Zero Challenge Update #1

I literally can't believe that it's February already, where has the last month gone? I always feel like I haven't achieved very much, so I'm going to start this month by getting things done. January always seems like the month where you're in limbo a little bit, a bit lost that it's the start of the new year. 


However, I got a lot done on my to do list and I can now get down to serious business. Making way for the more important things now the "admin" is out of the way so to speak!


You will probably have read my Day Zero Challenge post from the beginning of the year. It's something that I'm making my way through until over half way through 2017. But I feel like I've already ticked off a substantial amount in January already, so here is what I have done so far:


  • Write a personal mission statement

  • Keep a "my day in six words" diary for a month

  • Sort out my pinterest

  • No alcohol for one month

  • Declutter my wardrobe/chest of drawers

  • Write a travelling bucket list

  • Write a weekly weight loss post in January

  • Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of 1001 days

That's already 8/101 done, which may not seem like a lot but since I have over two and a half years to complete the challenge, this is actually a fair amount! I have a few more that I want to get through in the next month or so, meaning I'll be back with an update soon enough.


Don't forget to check out my original post here.




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