Thursday, 12 February 2015

How To Do Your Weekly Shop in £20

I’ve been dwelling on this one for a while, mainly because I’ve struggled to do this myself. My freezer is often packed full and I’ve realised that I need to use this up before I do another huge shop. This week I’ve managed to do my food shop for around £12, which means I can go to the market if I need more fruit and vegetables!


This week I managed to get 5 frozen chicken breasts, some tins, your standard groceries, a tonne of fruit and washing tablets.

Considering I got the chicken and washing tablets I thought I did really well! There’s so many meals for me to make, mostly chicken with vegetables or chicken in a tomato sauce. Cheap and cheerful but really quite delicious! Nothing a bit of seasoning can’t fix.

Adele’s Shopping Tips:

  • Don’t go food shopping hungry - this is dangerous

  • Take a list so you keep on track

  • Look at what you already have and what you actually need

  • Plan, plan, plan - plan your meals so you don’t buy too much

  • Shop around - do your research online to the best deals in store (like my Bold washing tablets for £2.97)

  • Check out the discount section in the supermarket, you can pick up some amazing deals

end note


  1. wow you did this so cheap! i really need to take some of your tips on board! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Great idea for a blog post!! <3 RW x


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