Friday, 27 February 2015

My Future


To me, my future has always seemed like a clouded one to me and now it seems more clouded than ever.

When I was at school I thought I would have a 10 year plan in which I would end up with a degree, walk into my dream job, find myself a husband, have a beautiful house with children and a dog and live a happy life. You’re laughing right now I know! It makes me laugh too, I was definitely a gullible 16 year old!

At 21 years old I am well aware that this will not be the case, and I am totally ok with that. I am nowhere near ready for any of it, but even more so, I never knew what my dream job would be nor have I gained a degree which I thought I would have by now. And do you know what? I am totally ok with that.

It’s now been 6 months since I found out I wouldn’t be graduating and only this year have I come to terms with it. Of course there will always be the questions of what if? What could have been? What will I do with my life? Obviously the first two will never be answered but the answer to the last one is that I will take each day as it comes. There’s not really any other way around it. I’ve learnt that I can’t plan out my future, life just doesn’t work like that and anyway where would be the fun in that?

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  1. I certainly wouldn't have predicted where I'd be now in terms of career, hubby, house, pets, interests, hobbies.... ANYTHING at 16.... or even 21! (I'm a bit older now haha!). As a silly little example, at 16 I thought I was allergic to cats, hated nuts, couldn't stand fish and had a serious boyfriend who I thought would last... life is what happens whilst you're doing everything else!! I'm sure it will be the same for you lovely, you never know what's around the corner xx

  2. (REALLY hope this doesn't seem rude or nosey or anything a like), but what do you mean by that you're not graduating? :S (hope you're alright!)

    & in all honesty? I think it's best to think of life as something that can't be planned. At school, college and uni still I've been forced to think that I HAVE to know what I'm doing literally the day after I leave, and that's just wrong. I don't know half of the jobs out there, let alone what I want to do. If we start planning life then that can restrict us from the possibilities of what could be. So, I think you're thinking of things the right way. x

  3. It's not nosey! I failed my exams a few too many times so I wasn't allowed to stay on (in other words I failed and got kicked out)! xx

  4. Aw no hun! That sucks!! But I'm a strong believer in things happen for a reason (I know I know bare with me), and if that wasn't the route for you - something better can only come along now!

    You're only 21, you've literally got almost a decade before you reaaaaally need to know what you want to do/what you'll be doing! Even then, people change their career path so many times nowadays I think it's pretty normal to not be on a totally set path.

    Thanks for sharing this post - it's reminded me that it's ok not to know what you're doing or what you want. Quite refreshing really. :) LOVE YOUxx

  5. Believe it or not life will workout exactly as its meant to and you will find your feet and you will learn from all this and maybe you was meant to fail because theres something else you want todo may your heart wasn't in it or your not ready.


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