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I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for about a month now, but life got in the way and it’s not the most pleasurable topic to write about and I try to stay positive about things here.

Chloe from Chloe’s Concept was the one who came up with this campaign and an absolute amazing one it is at that. Because it’s really time to take back what’s yours. We all get stuck in that rut but it’s time to get out of that. The idea is that we benefit from this in the long term as opposed to the short term. We need to bring back all the happiness into our lives. The media attacks the blogging community but we all stand strong because we know that they’re just jealous.

So that’s exactly what I’m here to do. I’ve recently overheard people talking about the way I look, not the best feeling in the world I’m sure you’ll agree. As I’m writing this I’m crying, purely because I was hurt that people I respect a lot would do something like this. I was also quite ashamed about it that I kept it to myself. I should definitely not be doing that. I wouldn’t wish such a thing to happen to anyone.

I’m here, writing this, to take back my self confidence. Sure I can act confident, talk to strangers, I do that everyday, but that is an act. I’ve also been told quite recently that people worry about me. I’m not surprised at all, I worry about myself! I also sometimes cry uncontrollably, to the point where I’m a state and through the tears I can see how scared the people around me are. But you know where you’re around certain people and you’re all emotional? They can say one word and I’ll burst into tears. That scares them, and me. This is not a way to live my life.

The whole theme of my blog is a journey to a better life, perhaps I’ll rebrand it one day but I think that there is always a way that we can  have a better life. I know exactly what I want to work on to get my self confidence back, so that is what I will do, for me and for my future.

Please make sure you take a look at Chloe’s campaign and if you’ve done it, send me yours so I can see you #TakeBackWhatsYours.

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