Thursday, 5 March 2015

21 Things I’ve Learnt Since Turning 21


  1. Nothing is ever set in stone

  2. You still have most of your life ahead of you

  3. Family are your rock, they keep you grounded

  4. Food solves nothing and makes you fat

  5. Life is not, and will never be, perfect

  6. Starting a blog if the best thing I’ve ever done

  7. Writing is basically therapy

  8. Not everything in life is easy, but it is so rewarding when you succeed

  9. Living in London is really not all it’s made out to be

  10. When you need a job, you have to take whatever you can get

  11. Sleep is hard to come by when you have a full time job

  12. You quickly eliminate jobs you don’t want a career in

  13. Having a car is quite literally a blessing

  14. You spend all of your spare time doing things you love, absolutely no more time wasting

  15. University is so far from your expectations

  16. Studying is actually a bitch

  17. Exercise makes you feel better, just get on and do it

  18. Life’s what you make it

  19. I want to write for a living

  20. You make your own fate and destiny

  21. I don’t know about you but I’m (almost) feeling 22

end note


  1. i love this blog post so much! it is my 21st next week. id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Your pointed out things are so true. I can relate to that as well now being 22.
    So sad that food don't solve problems.. but it makes me feel better haha :)

  3. spot on! Facil is everything, I agree. And I feel the same way about my blog! Is so therapeutic! I can't stop writing now.

  4. Oops I meant family not facil. Lol

  5. I love food, but if I eat something really bad I regret it after! I hope everything feels better being 22! Also, thank you so much for all your support x

  6. I love writing. I never want to stop <3


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