Monday, 23 March 2015

Adele’s Journey #4 | Where I’ve Been


Hello! Over the past few weeks you will have seen that I’ve been posting a lot less. I will never apologise for this but life and work have just gotten in the way. It feels like I haven’t sat down in weeks and I’m just constantly on the go. Probably because I am.

Even for Mother’s Day, I was up at 7am to get back home to make my Mum breakfast. Adorable aren’t I?

It never feels like I really have a day off as I’m either doing something or I’ve worked till 12 the night before so I’m catching up on sleep which takes basically the whole day.

So that’s where I’ve been either at work or with my family and unfortunately there’s not really an in between.

I won’t lie, it’s a difficult situation to be in. I’ve got so many ideas going round in my head but no time to really make them happen which is a little bit disheartening. I’ll be honest, I’m really struggling. I put ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself to be the best that I can but it never seems to be the way.

There’s that good ol’ saying “Good things come to those who wait”. Well all I seem to have done is wait and it’s making me unhappy! Life is passing me by and it’s getting stressful. How long do you wait and essentially be led on before you need a new adventure?

I’m impatient at the best of times but I’m really losing patience now, it’s got to be my turn soon surely?

Ok, ok, rant over. You’ll be pleased to know I’m back for a couple of weeks before I have a break away (but I might blog at the same time!). I hope you haven’t missed me too much!


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