Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Evening In

As a student you definitely do not appreciate all of the spare time you have, until you get a full time job that is, even a lunch hour is sacred these days.

I appreciate my evenings a whole lot more and I just hope that I’m not too tired so that I can be relatively productive!

I normally spend my lunch hour brainstorming ideas and getting my thoughts on to paper or I write the first draft of my blog posts. It allows me to escape the thoughts of work and think about something completely different.

My evenings are spent relatively similar, just tucked up in bed instead! There’s normally something on TV so I have that on in the background or a new series on Netflix!

I’m not a huge fan of going out on a Friday or Saturday night, I had my fair share of that at University, plus I normally work on a Saturday. Instead I’ll be happy enough to chill out, light a candle, cook something nice and watch a bit of Saturday Night TV. And we all know Saturday Night TV is the best and can’t be beaten. I’d much rather save my money than waste a ridiculous amount on going out.

I might even make an evening extra special with a hot bath and a Lush bath bomb. I don’t think anything can beat that to be honest.

How do you spend your perfect evening in?


  1. Spending an evening in is definitely underrated. I agree that there is no need to go out every Friday or Saturday night -- in fact I save a lot of money by having those "evenings in", plus they are very relaxing. Great post!


  2. Thank you so much Eden, I do love a good night out but I think I prefer staying in! It's more relaxing and obviously so much cheaper!

  3. I've spent an entire day in, and its doing wonders for my body, rest is everything. Thank you for sharing this in.


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