Tuesday, 3 March 2015

BBC Good Food Eat Well Show


What is your take on healthy eating and lifestyle?

A question asked to all chefs and speakers on Sunday. Now I want to know what you think - what is your take on that question?

What a fantastic day! I attended the Eat Well Show on Sunday 1st March and the day was so great. I never doubted that for a second and any time I’ve been to a BBC Good Food Show I’ve had a great day.


This is the first time they've done the Eat Well Show and while it was much smaller than the Good Food Show, it was a great atmosphere.

While I would normally go to a food show to find new brands and discover new foods. I was more interested in seeing Lorraine Pascale and Hemsley + Hemsley, but I still discovered more brands along the way.

For the first time in my life I was utterly starstruck. We first watched Lorraine Pascale and we literally got there just in time. I was in awe. She let out that she was 42 but in no way did she look it. I wish that I had bought my recipe book for her to sign but I forgot.


Next we had a little wander around checking out all of the healthy products that all the stands had to offer. I noticed a lot of brands that I’ve already worked with and looked into, so it was kind of reassuring that I was going in the right direction! We also got some lunch but mine was not in the slightest bit enjoyable and I ended up eating half of my mums chocolate Guinness cake - amazing if you’re wondering.

For me the highlight had to be Hemsley + Hemsley. They were just so perfect! They did an inspiring demo and their words were amazing. I didn’t realise all of the ingredients you can use that are actually healthy. I also can’t wait to make homemade pot noodles for lunches. Don’t worry their healthy! I came away feeling absolutely inspired and I bought their book straight away to get signed. They were so lovely! I was shaking though, I was that starstruck, cringe!


The great thing about their recipes and the way they were talking about food was that i was using ingredients that are easy to get hold of and it’s all cost effective.

I personally find it quite difficult to find recipes that have “normal” ingredients. i.e. the ones that you can get in supermarkets and don’t cost £5 a pop. They appreciate that and I admire them more for that!

I’ve already tabbed every other recipe in their book and there’s a lot of useful information that I’m going to work my way through. Don’t worry, of course I’ll be sharing it with you!


I had a really great day and I love going to events like this with my mum as she appreciates the food as much as I do. Plus I can fangirl at the chefs and not feel embarrassed!

Have you ever been to a BBC Good Food Show?

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  1. Yes I love the Good Food Show - my sister and I try to go every year to the winter one. We're supposed to be picking up presents but I always come home with more stuff for me or the house - oops! xx

  2. I went to the winter one last year! It's great isn't it! Definitely should have a blogger event there ;) xx


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