Monday, 6 April 2015

Adele's Journey #7 | Birthday Events


It’s official, I’m 22 and omg I feel SO old.

I finally got to spend quality time with my family which was very much needed.

The night before my birthday I went out for drinks with an old friend from my hometown which was so lovely and she bought me a present back from Vegas which was so unexpected.

The morning of my birthday I was feeling a little bit delicate! But like a trooper, I got up, tucked into some classic birthday pancakes which are always a must in the Smith household. Then lazed around till my Dad got home!

I was ridiculously spoilt by my family and I have finally upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 6! I also got a few bits for Centerparcs this week.

birthday box booksbath bombs

I chose to go bowling in the afternoon and I’m normally really good but I lost. How harsh are my family for not letting me win?!

For our evening meal, we visited The Jade Restaurant in Salisbury which was so much fun and there was a ridiculous amount of delicious food! With a bit of the hair of the dog too, heck I needed it. We ended up staying there for over 3 hours in the end and about 5 courses too! We’re talking spring rolls and wontons, aromatic duck, lobster, a whole selection of mains and then dessert! That’s not including the prosecco and free birthday cocktails they gave me! Looking back on it makes me feel full up.

lobster mumaromatic duck aromatic duck lobster chilli wine garlic feast oriental sunrise chocolate bomb

It was the first time I had lobster and it was so much better than I could ever have imagined. If you like prawns then you will love lobster! Ours had garlic, chilli and white wine, I could eat it all over again. Plus they brought out the lobster while it was still alive and told us how they were going to cook it. Then put it on my mums shoulder, which was so funny.

I honestly feel so grateful for my birthday and having all my family together was so nice!

Here’s to a great year being 22.



  1. Happy Birthday! I saw the lovely box you sent to Loved by Laura, what a great idea! :)

  2. Aw it looks like you had an absolutely fabulous birthday hun!
    I especially love the 'Believe you can' notebook! I do love a good notebook... aha

    Hannah x

  3. Thank you! I love it, I got another one too, they're just too pretty to write in! x


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