Sunday, 26 April 2015

#MyChocBloggers Chocolate Workshop

My day our chocolate making workshop started at 6.30am, and I was out of the house by 7.15! I got the bus with Vicky and made the trek into London which was made worse by the lack of trains running on a Sunday and the London marathon that day! But we made it on time and took our seats to start the chocolate making!



The table was set out so well and I was definitely intrigued about what we were going to be doing that's for sure. We started with a bit of chocolate tasting which I'm sure everyone was eager to do! We were told about the difference between good quality and bad quality chocolate and it was very obvious in my opinion. Then we got to try 2 different flavoured chocolates, the first being lemon and poppy seed white chocolate and the second being ginger, cardamon and cinnamon dark chocolate! Neither of which were to my taste unfortunately but it was a good experience to try something that I wouldn't choose for myself normally.



I loved the decor, it was so minimalistic which was great for the atmosphere

We were then given a demonstration of how to make truffles and we were literally stood around like little children, completely fascinated! It's actually relatively easy to make truffles and I was pleasantly surprised, so guess what everyone is going to be getting for homemade presents!

After we had made the truffles, we had to let them set for a few minutes and we were given another demonstration of how to decorate the truffles, fudge and some marshmallows! Mine aren't quite pieces of art and they got a bit squashed in my bag which is a bit annoying but you get the idea of what we did. I only used the milk chocolate really because I prefer that over dark chocolate.

my chocolate uk my chocolate uk my chocolate uk

What I made! An absolute mess...

I learnt a lot on the day and I think the best thing that I learnt was that chocolate was originally invented to be a savoury food.

After the workshop was over, a smaller group of us headed to The Diner in Islington and had lunch. There wasn't quite as much chocolate eating as I expected so we were all starving and literally inhaled our burgers and fries (at least I did anyway). It also gave us a chance to talk to the other bloggers that we might not have been with during the chocolate workshop, and also for those of us going to Centerparcs we got to talk a bit more and break the ice before a weekend together!

the diner

For my first ever bloggers meet up, it was a little bit daunting at first but after I managed to calm down, it was great fun and we laughed an awful lot! The great thing about other bloggers is that you have so much in common and there is so much to talk about that you wouldn't normally talk to anyone else about.

Even though I didn't get to talk to everyone that was at the event, I would love to read your posts and I'm sure I will see you at a future event soon!



  1. today was so fun wasn't it. Lovely post all about our fab day I didn't get to talk to you but it was lovely seeing you and all the others and your so right about how we all have so much in common

  2. Aww it was lovely to meet you at last, although I wish we could have had a proper chat. Plenty of time for that at Center Parcs though! Fab pictures lovely xx

  3. Mmm chocolate. Who knew there was a chocolate workshop? I ought to go. I think your creations look awesome! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. Hey Adele great post! And lovely to meet you today!. You were quick off the mark getting yoir post up! Mine will be up 2mo or Tuesday. I will hopefully meet you again at another event xx

  5. Loved this post! I wish I could have gone too, it's just that I never know how to find out about blogging events :( thanks for sharing your amazing chocolate experience xxx

  6. Love your post Adele, shame I didn't get to speak to you at the event....hopefully see you at another one soon! x

  7. Wow looks like you had a fabulous time. Blogger meet up are great but it is so tricky to get to talk to everyone.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me
    Shropshire Bolggers

  8. This is such a great first blogger meetup, I bet making the truffles was so much fun! It's strange that chocolate was originally created to be savoury, I know in Aztec times that they used cocoa beans as a currency!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  9. You too! It was such a great day!

  10. Haha it was great! A bit of a disaster but they tasted great which is all that matters ;) x

  11. It was great! you should definitely go! They said to check groupon and similar websites for deals! x

  12. Lovely to meet you too! I had loads of time on my journey back to write it! Hopefully see you soon xx

  13. Thank you! Follow @LDNMeetup on twitter, they have lots of events going on xx

  14. Thank you! And hopefully see you soon :) xx

  15. Sometimes the smaller ones are better! x

  16. It was! And I know, so strange! x

  17. Sounds amazing, I would love to do something like this :)


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