Friday, 24 April 2015


A couple of days ago my twitter feed literally blew up. You will probably have noticed the hashtag #WeAreTheThey, which hit back at the comments Jamelia made during Loose Women that day, which I seriously hope she regrets.

I felt so good wearing this on my birthday

The discussion was on plus-sized clothing for teenage girls. What a dangerous topic already. At no point do I justify that it is ok to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. That's what this blog is all about at the end of the day, to lead a better lifestyle. No doubt there are a lot of people who have comfort eaten their way to being plus sized, just like I have but I also understand there will have been reasons behind it and also there may be medical reasons behind it. But damn that chocolate tastes so good when you're having a bad day.

What really puzzles me is that no one is really doing anything about it. Some healthy food is unnecessarily expensive and some unhealthy food is so stupidly cheap. If you are on a strict budget then surely you are going to go for the cheaper option? Someone please correct me if I have completely missed the point here. I'm sure there was talk about taxing junk food a while back, and I was thinking about this the other day (mid breakdown), please do. I would be so less tempted to buy all the crap if it was more expensive and the healthy stuff was cheaper. For me it makes so much sense and I don't understand why they haven't done this already. If healthy food was cheaper I'm sure they would be more likely to buy that.

And it's all very well writing recipe books with really healthy recipes but when the ingredients cost £5 for the tiniest bag or jar, there is absolutely no way I'm going to be buying those ingredients.

Apparently 60% of teenage girls are overweight but why shouldn't they be allowed to wear high street clothes like anyone of a "normal" size? What even is a normal size anyway? We are no different to anyone of a smaller size, we just have more curves but why should that be discriminated against? Like seriously?

Whenever I go clothes shopping, I basically go into melt down because I can never find anything that fits properly. Do you know what that actually feels like? I can hear you thinking "so why don't you do something about it?". Well I am but it's not so simple sometimes and with a lack of support where it is needed and a hell of a lot of mental issues behind it, they can really get in the way. Right now, I'd be over the moon if I was a size 14. However, I know after a while I wouldn't be happy with that either. Can anyone try say they are really happy with the way they are? Because I would salute you if you are.

Only the day after this twitter fiasco, I was at work wearing my jeggings (which I feel really good in fyi), and I got told that it was really nice to see someone of "my size" wearing the jeggings that we sell. Well what am I supposed to make of that? If I brought this up with someone, I'm sure they would be really surprised! It makes it worse by who it was that said it. I'm not entirely sure where anyone gets off saying something like that to someone who is clearly sensitive about their weight anyway. Especially after they have just referred to themselves as a skinny bitch. They are really just as bad as Jamelia. Thanks, but really no thanks.

All I really want is to be happy, healthy and be accepted by someone who truly loves me. One day I will find the guy that will accept me the way I am. None of this you are disgusting because you are fat BS.


And I just want to thank @Beauty7products for her lovely tweet!



  1. You're totally right, it's expensive trying to be healthy! Everytime I embark on another weight loss journey, my shopping bill goes up because I'm buying more fresh fruit and veg! The crap food is cheap and this is where the problem lies, people on a low income will obviously go for the cheaper items to feed their family. I've done it myself! Great post, and good luck with your healthy journey xx

  2. Aw Adele you are the loveliest - I can't believe someone said that to you, what a cheek! I try and eat as much fruit and veg as I can but you're totally right that the price of it is so disproportionate to the less healthy snacks. My go to cheap snack is a £1 bag of carrot sticks as I can just carry on munching through them for hours (my other half does say that I'm going to turn into a carrot one day though haha!) x

  3. It's difficult isn't it?! Thank you and good luck with yours too xx

  4. I've been doing this recently and I just ate a whole cucumber haha! x


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