Friday, 15 May 2015

Let's Party!

As many of you guys know it's my blogs birthday TODAY! A whole year has gone by and I've learnt so much and made so many new friends. It's crazy to think I've managed to stick at something for this long, but I’m so proud of it and I will never ever regret starting this.

bakerdays cake
Despite having a few people openly judge me because of it, I am proud of what I have achieved, the many new things that I have tried and the amazing friends that I have made through blogging.

I can remember a year ago clear as day. I was at home and I hit publish, I was petrified that no one would read it, people would hate it and I would get so much stick for it. In that first day I got hundreds of page views and obviously for my first day I was over the moon. I never knew what to expect and to be quite honest, I had no clue what I was doing or what I would write about next but I did it and I’m still here.


The first few months of my blog were a bit iffy, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to categorise my blog as, was it health and fitness or food or was it lifestyle? So there is a mixture of everything. I had recipes, facts (which are boring as hell) and I had my journey.

It was a bit of everything but then I found all the twitter chats and I learnt a lot in a short space of time. I decided on a route for my blog, where I wanted to take it and what I wanted to write about.

My blog started to take off as I wrote about personal issues and fun recipes, and to be honest, life! I found my target audience (HEY GUYS!) and I knew a bit more about what I was doing.

I certainly don’t think that I’m a pro at this, hell I don’t think I ever will be, but I’m over the moon with where my blog is and what I’ve achieved, and as long as it stays that way I am more than content with that.

So here’s to the next year of blogging and the future. Pass the champers please.

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  1. Congratulations on your first blogiversary !!
    The Color Palette

  2. Happy blogiversary. Here's to many more years of blogging.

  3. Congrats! Glad that you've kept at it. Definitely and inspiration for me to keep on going. I haven't told many people in real life about my blog, but knowing that people judge you for it and you still blog gives me courage to just tell people too!

    Happy blogging! xx

  4. Thank you! It definitely is xo

  5. Thank you! I tend not to care what people think, I love doing it and there are so many more nicer comments than bad ones! Keep at it xo

  6. Happy Blogiversary lovely - here's to another year of awesome blogging - can't wait to read what you have in store! Oh and on the commenters? Haters gonna Hate, but Bloggers gonna Blog!! Haha xx
    Laura | Loved By Laura


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