Monday, 11 May 2015

The Library of Fragrance

As you may be aware, I attended the #ShropshireBloggerMeet on the 2nd May at the Two Henrys Pub. It was a great day which you can read all about here. I spoke about the raffle in this post and I was lucky enough to win 3 of The Library of Fragrance* colognes.

They smell INCREDIBLE.

the library of fragrance

The strangest thing is that I was telling Kirsty how I don’t have any perfume, just body spray from Victoria Secret, which my Mum brings back whenever she goes to New York, because it’s easier to carry it around in my bag and not worry about the bottle breaking.

So when my name got pulled out of the hat, so to speak, for the second time, I knew I had to choose these 3 fragrances! The 3 that I got were Cherry Blossom, Daisy and Fresh Laundry. I thought these were the most seasonal and to get into that summer feeling, I thought these would be perfect!

The idea of having these fragrances together is so that you can mix and match these fragrances together. That way I can smell like a summers day all year round!

A Little Guide To Layering:

  • I used some tissues to find my perfect combination and I think I might just have cracked it!

  • On their website here, they suggest to try a few combinations and write down how many sprays of each fragrance you use and in which order so that you don’t forget!

  • They also recommend that you apply the heavier, stronger scents first and the lighter, softer ones last, otherwise the lighter ones will get simply lost and covered up which is just a waste of perfume, and we’ve got no time for that!

the library of fragrance

I next gave myself a lesson in Mix, Match and Layering, I completely agree with their first sentence that each scent is beautiful just on its own. This way I’m going to be able to create scents that are unique to me and no one else! I also like that they say you can mix and match with other perfume brands and not just your own! I don’t think many brands would openly say something such as this.

It also happens that I won their #SurpriseSunday over on their Instagram so I chose the Sex on the Beach fragrance. It’s my favourite cocktail so I just couldn’t say no!

I think that this brand is not one to be missed and I’m definitely going to choose some fragrances from them for presents so I can give them to family and friends. It’s a bit more personal as I can then choose scents that remind me of them! I’ve already got a few in mind!

Have you ever tried their fragrances? What do you think of the scents I chose?



  1. I'm stealing the sex on the beach one for the whole of centreparcs!

  2. Love the packaging! Great post :)

    Kirsty |

  3. Thank you! The packaging is great isn't it!?


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