Friday, 22 May 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Go To A Blogger Meet

I know I’ve mentioned before all the lovely people I’ve met through blogging and they are people I definitely consider friends now. I wouldn’t have met these people unless it was for going to blogger meets. I’ve only been to 2 #MyChocBloggers and #ShropshireBloggerMeet but I met 2 completely different sets of people and had 2 experiences. I also have 3 more lined up in the coming months!


Twitter chats are also a great way to start talking to people, I talked to all these people first on twitter before meeting them which definitely helps.

Here are my top 10 reasons:

  1. You get to meet some wonderful people

  2. They have all of the same interests as you

  3. You get an experience you’ve probably never had before

  4. You get so much inspiration and motivation for your blog and life

  5. Everyone has different stories which are amazing to hear

  6. You could end up making some really great friends

  7. You learn about things you probably wouldn’t have otherwise

  8. You’re made aware of brands and could end up finding some of your most perfect products

  9. You get a huge burst of confidence knowing that you’ve done something totally out of your comfort zone

  10. Everyone is in the same boat as you

It is a very daunting concept if you haven’t been to a blogger meet up before but if you can find a little bit of confidence to go then you’re half way there. Everyone is incredibly nice and you can chat to people on twitter first so you know a few friendly faces when you get there.

shropshire blogger meet

It’s definitely worth finding out about events in your are so try and find the twitter accounts that are designates or search up a few hashtags to see what you can find.

Some that I would definitely recommend following are:

@LDNmeetup - some incredible events by some lovely girls

@bloggerslvehub - they have twitter parties meaning everyone can join in and some great gifting options on their website here

These are definitely my 2 go to twitter accounts when I want to find out whats going on!

Have you considered going to an event but been too nervous? How great are the events you’ve been to?



  1. Taking the plunge and going to my first blogger meetup was one of the best choices I've made, I love them! It's such a fun way to meet other people with the same interests with you and share experiences - plus it's perfectly acceptable (in fact positively encouraged!) to take photos of your food and drink for instant tweets / instagramming! Hooray!! :)
    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. I have been too nervous before to go to them! There have been so many that I have thought about, and wanted to go to. Perhaps this will be my goal for the rest of the year. The ones you have been to sound great!! XX

  3. Are there any rules about going to these? I have only been blogging for two or three months and I don't have many followers yet... are they aimed at people who have big and long term blogs?

    Thank you! :)
    Becca x

  4. sign up and then you have no choice but to go! that's what I did, I was shaking before my first one but it was the best thing i've ever done! xx

  5. it's literally the best thing ever! 3 weeks till centerparcs gal! xx

  6. absolutely not! they are for anyone and everyone no matter what your background! that's the best thing about it. I don't have many followers but it's an amazing way to meet people and get new friends! x

  7. Thank you! I'm quite new to London so it would be nice to meet some new people! :)

  8. Aw this is so lovely and positive! I always like to encourage people to go to blogger meet ups too. Some of my best friends are now lovely bloggers who I have met through them! Hopefully see you are a london one soon! xx

  9. What a fantastic post. I've never been to a meet up or event for that matter but I would love to head to one! They seem so great.

    Shannon from x

  10. Fantastic post! I haven't gone to a meetup yet but I definitely want to sometime soon

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

  11. It is 100% worth it, sign up so that you have no choice but to go! x

  12. You definitely you definitely should, they are so much fun!

  13. it's so great isn't it! it's so good to chat to like minded people and even better when you can discuss posts with your best friends!

  14. it's honestly the best way to meet people!


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