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Adele's Journey #10 | Solopress Making Memories Campaign


It's been a while since I properly blogged and I was going to have another week off while I get my house sorted to move but I couldn't possibly pass up on the delay on this post!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted to ask if I would like to get involved in a campaign called Making Memories. I jumped at the chance and emailed back right away with pictures of all my family and the most wonderful book was put together for me! If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen a little spoiler of what I received! I actually did a little scream when I opened it as I completely forgot it was going to be arriving that day! (Can you tell by all the exclamation marks just how excited I am?)

solopress #alittlememory

I received a selfie stick which is going to come in handy when I go to a festival at the end of the month with my family so we can make more memories together! I also received a book I have been dying to get for ages, One Line A Day For Five Years. This is something I will most definitely be keeping at as I completed one month at the beginning of the year in a small notebook of my own and I found it helped to reflect on all of the good things that happened that day and everything I should be happy about. So for me, this book is going to be incredibly valuable and I will be starting it right away! It will help to cherish the smaller memories that  I may forget as they may not be as significant as the bigger ones but they are still important nonetheless.

The main star of the show is the most adorable memory book which they selected from 15 pictures I sent them and focused on my family. To me, and I'm sure to many others, my family are so important and are always there to offer the best advice when it is needed. So the book revolved around my family and it is something that I will share with them for many years to come! It's going to take pride position on my desk when I move back home so it is always there for me to look at when I need some inspiration and motivation. It holds some of the best memories and my most favourite photos in the entire world.  I love the fact that we can use social media as a digital way to share our photos and almost use it as a storage space for our photos, however there is something so much more memorable about having your photos printed or put in a book like this for example.

The campaign itself is hosted by Solopress and I admire the company for coming up with such an amazing idea. For every picture posted on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #alittlememory, £1 will be donated to Little Havens Care. This has the potential to go far and we could raise a lot of money for charity this way! The power of social media should be used for good always! All you need to do to get involved is share a photo, or as many as you want, with the hashtag then tag someone else to do the same, this is helping Little Havens Care and also sharing a memory at the same time. Don’t forget to tag me in it if you do share a photo!

little havens

Little Havens Care is based in Essex and is a children’s hospice dedicated to making special memories for children with life threatening conditions. They opened in 1998 and were one of the first children’s hospices to open in the South East. They offer support and advice to these families through their journey dealing with the child’s life threatening condition and after the child has passed away. I can’t even begin to imagine what it can be like for these families to deal with such situations, so for that I want to do as much as I possibly can to raise just a little bit of money for charity!

So if you do actually read this, I nominate you to share #alittlememory of your own and tag @adelesmith_ so that I can see something important to you! Don’t forget that we could make a huge difference to a great charity the more photos we share!

Adele's Journey

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