Friday, 10 July 2015

Adele's Journey #9 | Dealing with Change


For anyone who regularly reads my blog, you may have noticed, although I highly doubt it, that it has been several weeks since I have managed to post anything on here. At no point in these last several weeks have I thought about giving up my blog as I love it way too much to do that, but my mind has been otherwise occupied and I’ve even been MIA on Twitter, that is how distracted I have been!

For some time now, I have known that I will be moving back to my home town and living with my parents for a little bit, I am really looking forward to being back at home as I will be able to spend more time with my family and dogs and also save up a bit of money to go travelling and do something fun!

Only a couple of weeks ago I was absolutely desperate to move back, I got a new job and I would have moved back there and then if I was able to. However, being the unbelievably nice person I am, I couldn’t leave my manager in the lurch like this and little did I realise then, that I would be completely and utterly devastated to be leaving.

I honestly thought I would be glad to get out of here, finally being able to be back home, working my way up the career ladder and focusing on myself more than just plain living. I was extremely wrong and the past week has been so tough, I have barely slept and I’ve not eaten a proper meal since Sunday. I am in complete denial about leaving some of my most favourite people I have ever met and leaving a place which I have been living for four years and it’s a pretty great place at that! If rent wasn’t so expensive around here, I would be staying!

I haven’t been in a position like this since I was 10 or 11. It was the time that we were taking the 11+ to get into Grammar School and I put unbelievable amount of pressure on myself to do well and get into this school, which I did with flying colours. I barely ate because I was a nervous wreck but it was one of the most stressful times in my life because I wanted to go to this school so much.

Ok, this isn’t a hundred percent the same but it is on the same level of panic and nervousness and unknown of exactly what the future will hold. I have completely lost my appetite but my stomach is rumbling or making any sign that I’m staving hungry, which is odd. The heat also doesn’t help with my loss of appetite, damn the heat! I also haven’t slept over 5 hours a nigh all week and this is coming from the girl who needs 8 hours or there are serious mood swings coming your way!

In other words, life has been pretty hectic recently and I hope it will calm down soon so I can feel a little more normal and human again. But for now, my blog posts will be few and far between for the next few weeks until I get myself sorted in my new job and back at home. Don’t forget to come say hi on twitter though!

Adele's Journey

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  1. Keep smiling and keep positive, everything happens for a reason and no doubt you will stay in touch with all the wonderful people you have met but there are some even more wonderful people in your future! It'll be lovely to move back in with your family but nothing is forever and you can always choose to move out again if you want to, life is yours to do with what you want, just enjoy the ride! :) x


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