Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Drinking Tea with TeaShed and Cocktails with Popaballs

As one of the brands getting involved with our first Pretty Lovely Bloggers Event, it was only right for me to make sure that their products were suitable for the 50 bloggers we have attending right ;)

The TeaShed

I had never had Earl Grey tea before but since the other tea was Green Tea (and I have boxes of the stuff everywhere!), I thought I would try something new and go for the Earl Grey. Needless to say I was not disappointed. As tea comes, it cam be pretty basic, paper tea bags that break if you tear them apart too hard and the taste of cheaper tea bags can be practically non existent. This is not the case with TeaShed* tea. They use silky pyramid tea bags with 20 in the bag. They come in a reusable paper cup (no waste on packaging eh?!) and are funnily named Mr Grey’s Tea. I love all the names of their teas, they are witty and make you giggle a little bit, we all appreciate a good pun at the end of the day.

The TeaShed

I honestly thought I wouldn’t enjoy the Earl Grey tea at all, but I was so wrong. I prefer my tea quite strong anyway so I really enjoyed this. I haven’t quite mastered how I like it made yet and I will definitely have to order more soon as I am on the last few tea bags! It has the taste of strong tea with a hint of orange in it, it definitely isn’t for everyone and as British people we are accustomed to our standard Breakfast Tea, but I can’t urge you enough to try Earl Grey. If you love strong Breakfast Tea then you will love Earl Grey!

The other product I had the pleasure of trying was the Blueberry Popaballs. I had seen so many pictures on their Twitter and Instagram pages of people using their Popaballs in cocktails and prosecco and I absolutely had to try some like this! I didn’t have any prosecco in but I did have a frozen cocktail in so I grabbed this and put so Popaballs on top. It was so good! I can only imagine how goo they would taste with prosecco.


I thought I would come up with some other ideas that weren’t necessarily alcohol based but the list for those is endless. I think these are great just to pop in some water with a drop of juice and mix up to flavours and also with some lemonade (and a cheeky splash of vodka).


The next thing I’ll be ordering from Popaballs is one of their Bubble Tea Kits, on The Tea Shed website they have a Bubble Tea Subscription box but before I sign up to that I want to make sure that I actually like the bubble tea. So I’ll be ordering one of these with Mango flavoured powder and Peach Popaballs. I’ve got a love for mango and peach at the moment so I think this combination will be perfect. However, the combination possibilities are endless so you can choose something that you would love!

What do you think of Earl Grey tea? What would you put with Popaballs to make your perfect drink?

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