Monday, 20 July 2015

Pretty Lovely Bloggers

Pretty Lovely Bloggers

You may have noticed on my twitter, if you are following me, that I am incredibly excited for all things of life at the moment. I’ve got an exciting two months ahead of me.

Myself and Kirsty from Just A Little Bit Ginger have launched an exciting new project, Pretty Lovely Bloggers, an events group bringing events to places across the UK, or at least the South, South West and West Midlands. Our first event is due to take place on the 19th September in Birmingham and we are beyond excited. We’ve managed to get some fantastic brands involved along with 50 great bloggers.

Our aim behind Pretty Lovely Bloggers is to connect bloggers with each other but also with some great brands that they may not usually get the chance to try out or they might not have seen before.

We find unique brands that each bring something unique to the table. All of our brands have different products to each other so we don’t overload you with lots of products based on the same thing! We also have some companies attending the event so our bloggers get face to face interaction with them which could lead to potential collaborations in the future.

While we have aimed to bring you incredible goody bags, that quite frankly, money can’t even buy, this is not all we are bringing you. We have managed to put together a raffle to raise money for Mind Charity. There are some amazing prizes and the charity is one close to my heart so I am hoping to raise a lot of money for them while the bloggers get to take  home some amazing prizes.

One last thing we want to bring to you is events you actually want to attend. Everyone wants something different from an event, so if we can make just a few of you happy, then we’re happy!

If this sounds like something you’d like to attend, then make sure you sign up here.

What kind of events would you like to attend?

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  1. This is such a lovely project. Great work girls for having such an amazing idea and making it a real thing. Good luck and believe in yourself! :)

  2. Wow - What a brilliant idea!
    Welldone for starting up something like this, must have taken loads of time and planning?!
    Maybe some discussion groups, so bloggers can converse about problems and solutions people are having? Or some sort of way of making it easy to collaborate with people owning similar blogs?

    Lovely post,


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