Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Garden Parties with Talking Tables

It’s that time of the year again when we all want to be outside, with friends or family, enjoying the wonderful weather (on the most part, come on England!) and having BBQs and picnics. Sounds perfect right?

Well, with Talking Tables* it can be that perfect! They so kindly sent me some of their products from their Truly Alice and Truly Scrumptious ranges, and I am absolutely in love! I want to have parties everyday just so that I can use all of these amazing products.

I want to play afternoon tea parties like a little girl with all of this lovely stuff. I’m thinking mini cut out sandwiches, scones, mini cupcakes, macarons and the best tea in town (green tea, obvs). You’re all invited!

Talking Tables

What I love the most about some of these items is that I can reuse them for more parties or even for decoration. The bunting and the Truly Alice signs can be used time and time again. I think it can be quite difficult to find party decorations that are affordable and also classy at the same time. Not all cheap decorations are tasteful, sure they are fun but they aren’t very pretty and are made from thin materials that break if you touch them. However, with Talking Tables you get what you pay for definitely, everything except the plates and cups can be reused. I’ll stop going on and share some pretty photos of what I’ll be using to host some amazing summer parties.

Conveniently, my sisters 18th is in a couple of months time so we will be getting out these decorations to lay on the finest spread, Alice in Wonderland themed of course. I am in love with these gorgeous little Drink Me bottles that would be perfect for mini cocktails and I also love these tags which can be used as table decorations, place tags or a little invitation. It makes the dream of a Mad Hatters tea party come true.

Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables Talking Tables

I, for one, cannot wait until they release their Christmas ranges! I can only imagine how incredible they would be and I will definitely be the first one buying this range and planning a Christmas party.

So whose coming over for a garden tea party?

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*I was sent this product for review purposes and as always my views are my own.

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  1. That looks gorgeous! Remind me to send you event stuff when time comes! xx


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