Tuesday, 25 August 2015

15 Motivating Things When You Feel Like Giving Up

Last week my laptop broke, all by accident, but when you're already feeling overwhelmed and like you aren't doing good enough already, plus your main hobby basically replies on technology, I got in to bed and slept through till morning. The mature and grown up thing to do obviously.

However, with a fresh view on things after 10 hours sleep, despite still being devastated and begging my sister to borrow her laptop, here is what I did when I felt like giving up:

  1. Have a shower with all your favourite products, at least you’re clean and smell good
  2. Get up and get on with your day as you normally would
  3. Eat a good breakfast, homemade smoothies please
  4. Focus on the more important things in life and appreciate what you actually do have
  5. Distract yourself as much as possible
  6. Go old school and write everything by hand, ready to schedule
  7. Get out of the house
  8. Go for a run
  9. Meet up with friends
  10. Do some baking, GBBO style
  11. Put on an Afternoon Tea for your Nan
  12. Watch a bit of TV so you don’t get withdrawal symptoms from Netflix
  13. Go sit in a coffee shop and people watch, because there’s nothing better than that
  14. Get crafty with scrapbooking and saving those memories for when technology fails you
  15. Then buy a new laptop because what is life without blogging and Netflix?


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  1. I love these ideas ... my favourite is to go old school and write everything by hand! Especially if you do this with some seriously funky gel pens (I recently bought some scented ones from smiggle, reminds me of being at school)

    Charlotte | www.discoveringcharlotte.co.uk


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